Thursday, December 4, 2008

Booking Through Thursday.......

Welcome to Booking Through Thursday at
Our questions this week are as follows:
Do you have a favorite author?
Have you read everything he or she has written?
Did you LIKE everything?
How about a least favorite author?
An author you wanted to like but didn't?

My favorite authors have changed through the years. In my twenties I liked to read books by Danielle Steel. They were all easy to read and romantic. The main character is usually in some sort of a tragic predicament but eventually goes from rags to riches. All of the stories have happy endings. I still occasionally read her books.
If I am looking for something funny and relaxing to read I will pick up a book by Janet Evanovich. There is not really much substance to what she writes but her books are very funny in a weird sort of way.
In my thirties I loved to read Antony Trollop. I liked his colorful characters and the Victorian setting of some of his books. I also liked Anne Rice at the time and have read quite a few of her books.
John Steinbeck though is my all time favorite author.
Lately I have been reading books written by Joyce Carol Oates. I like her style. When she writes she always throws in a few surprises
I have never read every thing any one of these authors has written, and of course, I don't like every single book I've read which was written by them. There is always that one book that leaves more of a lasting impression than the others...
My least favorite author would have to be Stephen King. I think it is probably because I'm just not drawn to that type of a book.
Happy Thursday everyone!...
I look forward to reading all of your posts....
With warmest regards, Carol


The Muse said...

Favorite? No...I honestly cannot pick a favorite! But I do so love to read!
Least favorite...SALINGER, hands down.

LOL sorry, that sounds rather opinionated LOL... oh my!

Shellmo said...

I like Peter Mayle and the "old" Stephen King Novels. My least favorite - Benard Henreich - I want to like him as he writes about nature and animals but his style is just a little boring and uninteresting.

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