Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Target Birds On Holiday........

Welcome to Target Birds On Holiday, hosted by my friend Susan, at
It seems that "all across blogland, exhausted and happy Target birds are flying in with huge grins on their faces. Why? Because they have been on holiday for the past week.....and what fun did they have!" Thank you Susan for hosting this charming post. If you like to see where these little birds have journeyed, or you would like to participate, just click on the above link to reach the official Target Birds On Holiday web site.........

When I heard Susann was hosting Target Birds On Holiday I scooted right over there to see what it was all about. However I was very disappointed because I didn't own any Target birds. It looked like I wasn't going to be able to participate. The very next day I went to three different Target stores looking for those little birds only to be told the same story. "Yes, we had those birds but they have been flying out of the store left and right." Each sales person went on to explain that she just didn't understand what was going on as this had never happened before. When I got home I started calling all of the Target stores in my area and I finally found a store with a set of these sweet little birds. I was so excited! I picked them up and put them in my back seat. They introduced themselves as Rene and Marvin. The three of us had the most delightful conversation on the way home. They were so sweet and well behaved. Well, it seems as we were speaking those little rascals were wiggling themselves right out of their package because when I pulled into the garage, and opened the car door, they flew out flapping their wings and screeching. I heard them yell as they swooshed over head, "See you later Mrs. G."
For days Charli and I drove around the neighborhood looking for those silly birds. My grandson Ryan said he was sure that they were headed for a big old tree so I kept checking all of the trees in our neighborhood. One day I pulled into the school parking lot and there they were!

Renee and Marvin said they were glad to see me but they were having a awfully great time on their holiday. All of a sudden Renee flew up on this big bug, and said "Hey Marvin over here."

Next they flew over to an airplane and then over to the slide. I could hardly keep up with them they flew so fast.

They told me they really liked school because there were a lot of fun things to do there........

They said they especially liked the swings.......

Rene and Marvin said they had been waiting by the doors of the school for days because they wanted to go inside and learn something new. They waited each day for the kids to come but no one had showed up except me. I explained to them that the children were on vacation this week because of the Easter holiday. I suggested they come home with me where they could have a little home of their own and I would try my very best to teach them something new every day.

And so we left the school and they said good by to all of the bushes and the trees.

When we got home they flew all around the house checking everything out and looking for a place to build a nice comfortable nest. Marvin said "Renee I don't think this light would make a good nest. If they turn the light on it might get very hot up here."

Then they flew over to the fan. Rene said "Well this will never do because if they turn on the fan we might fall off or even worse."

As they continued to look for places to build a nest they stopped to have a chat with Mrs. Bunny and her wee little ones.

Then they built a nest in the
kitchen cupboard and
proceeded to take a little
nap before supper. I said
"Oh no, that just won't do.
I'm very sorry but you are
going to have to find another
place to live."

Rene and Marvin were a little upset because they had worked so hard to build the perfect home for themselves but they flew over to the Easter Lilly and thought that would do very nicely. That was until Charli came sniffing about.
All of a sudden I heard them laughing, chirping, and flapping their wings. I ran into the living room to see what was going on and there they were. They had found the perfect home.

After they were finished
fixing up their precious home they became
some what sad again. When
I asked them what was wrong, they said they wondered what had
happened to all of their other birdie friends. I told them not to worry because we would be stopping by to visit all of our friends in blogland to see what their charming little birds had been up to on their holiday. Rene and Marvin were so happy! They were very excited about learning to use the computer, and from today on, we know we all live happily ever after together.
With warmest regards, Carol


Rosezilla said...

you are really going to get a work out chasing those mischievous little birds around! Come see my big birds. They aren't from Target, tho.

sunshine said...

LOL! Too funny.
I wish we had a Target here in Canada. Those birds are some cute!

Madeline's Album said...

Quite a tale. The only birds I have are real one that visit my bird feeders. Enjoyed this post very much. Have a great evening. Madeline

bj said...

Now, that, my friend, is a GREAT story !! Don't you hope no one was watching as you moved them from place to place and snapping pics..!! funny..

Chandy said...

Your birds are so cute to be looking for the perfect nest. Whew! Glad they found one high enough that no one will bother them. ;-)

Shelia said...

Aw, Carol, how very sweet! I'm so glad you found your birdies! Loved your story!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Smilingsal said...

LOL Rene and Marvin have found a happy home at last.

Sandy said...

Carol, my friend, you should have been a writer. What a wonderful story!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

I'm still trying to get around Blogville to read about all of the adventures of the Target Birds. Your birds' adventure was so cute! I enjoyed seeing them on the swings and the little airplane, and your story was great fun. Glad you got them back home and are home-schooling them! laurie

Kim @ Manning Family Tree said...

Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment. It really means a lot to me. Looks like your little birdies have found a good home. Enjoyed your creativity.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

I'm so glad that they found their way to your home -- I'll bet Target has these listed as their #1 "best seller" - they certainly had a grand holiday!

Anne said...

Sorry I'm commenting on this post so late but what a creative post you came up with. I was very entertained with the story. It was so cute.

Neabear said...

I never did get any Target birds, but those of you who did come up with some fun posts. Yours is too cute. I did wonder if the Target people were going to wonder what was happening with all their Target birds. I am getting caught up here still.

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