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Dogs on Thursday...... Two Diva's and a mall....

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"Charli come on. Were going to be late. You don't want Sofie to have to wait for you do you?"
"Yes I do. I'm tired of that dog. If you ask me she's getting spoiled. She gets way to much attention. Why does she have to come any way?"
"Now Charli that isn't very nice. Sofie is your friend and I want you two girls to get along. I want you to promise me your going to be a good little girl."
"OK. I'll try but she just better not follow me around."
"Oh Charli"

Last week Rhonda and I took Charli and Sofie to the mall at Partridge Creek. I've written about this mall here in the past because it's one of Charli's favorite places to go. Partridge Creek is a dog friendly mall. It's so much fun to go there! It is an outside mall and I like it because it's a beautiful place to go walking. It's very clean and well kept. There are dog stations situated at various places in the mall just in case your little pooch should have an accident and everyone is very good about cleaning up after their own pets. Just look at the cobblestone side walks. Aren't they lovely? There are even statues of dogs on the green to make your little ones feel warm and welcome on their shopping excursions.....

The mall hosts many activities through out the year like summer concerts and caroling at Christmas time. During the cold weather the hugh out door fireplace is usually lit and the side walks are heated so you don't have to worry about your pooches little paws getting cold. They sometimes even offer free hot chocolate and other incentives. Of course there is always plenty of water available for your furry friends. Near Halloween it is not uncommon to see dogs and sometimes even owners walking up and down the side walks in the mall parading about in their costumes......
There are plenty of tables and benches if you choose to take a break from your shopping to have a snack or something to drink...

Everyone is very friendly, often stopping to talk, share canine stories, ask a question, pet your dog, or let their dog play with yours. However, all dogs must be kept on leashes.
There are pretty flowers and plants every where.

Do you see that sign in the bottom of the window? Well that means dogs are allowed in there. Yep, you can take your dog right into the store with you when ever you see that sign. Most of the stores that allow dogs also have dog treats in jars on the counters. The employees always make a fuss over your dog when you come in to shop and also offer them a treat or two. Charli just loves all of the attention she gets.

The 'I love Dogs' store sells dog clothes, toys, treats, and luggage. You name it and they seem to
have it. They even sell dogs in there.

The store below is the reason Rhonda and I went to the mall. We wanted to take Charli and Sofie to the 'Three Dog Bakery.'
Just look at all of the pastries! You can also get clothes,
treats, toys, and collars in this store to.

As you can imagine Charli and Sofie had a great time in there! Here are our little diva's with they're bags of goodies.

Sofie got pastries and Charli got some Jump' N Sit Bits. They are made with peanut butter and she really seems to like them. Charli is usually very picky about her treats so I was surprised she liked them so much. She gets three a day so they should last a while. They have no added salt, refined sugar, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. The web site is as follows in case you want to place an order for your special someone or visit a store in your area.

I even did a little shopping for myself. I got a pair of Croc shoes. I've never owned a pair of these before but everyone I have talked to says they are very comfortable shoes.
Happy Dogs on Thursday everyone! I hope all of you have a lovely week. I am posting a little early this week as Charli and I will be out and about during the day tomorrow.
Give all of your sweet little furry friends a hug from us ♥
With warmest regards,


A Stitch In Thyme said...

Oh wow that mall sounds fantastic. Now if I could get bugzy to go in one direction for more then 10 seconds it might be fun.

My story for you this thursday is one you'll have to come to my blog for later on today. It's a really special story!! You'll know it when you see the title.

Patti said...

Hello! I am a mini schnauzer momma, too. I love her so much. The breed is amazing! Your Charli is a very pretty girl!

That mall looks pretty fantastic. My Liesl would love to go to that bakery! It is wonderful to see so many places catering to people with dogs.

I live in Carmel, CA, a great dog-friendly town. All of the stores also let you bring your furbabies inside and have treats at the ready. We make sure to patronize these business so that they know we appreciate it.

MARIA said...

What a wonderful place for dogs!
My best wishes to Charli and Rhonda!

Enjoy your day!♥

sunshine said...

Love that mall!! I wish we had one here like that.
Those croc's are awesome. I haven't seen any like that before!!!!

Blessings each day said...

To say I LOVE that mall would be an understatement!! Tinkabelle would want to go there everyday! Why can't we have malls like this all over the U.S.? It's also such a pretty and well kept up mall.

How amazing that Sophie looks to be a little smaller than Charli. I love how you do Charli's talking for her and I do think you express her sentiments exactly!

I enlarged each of your pictures because I enjoyed this so much. You did a great, great job of photography here, Carol, what a treat.

Please give Charli a smooch for me.

blessings and hugs,


Channon said...

That's really sweet! I love Three Dog Bakery, although I've not been to THAT one.

Just a little something from Judy said...

Today I learned something else new from you, a dog centered shopping mall. What a fun concept. Charli and Sophie looked so cute sitting there together with their little bags. I do not think there is one of those malls in our county, so thank you for sharing yours with us. Hope you enjoy your Crocs.

Eileen said...

I've never heard of such a thing, how unique! I think that's great and it sounds like you all had a wonderful time! Shopping with your pets, that's so sweet!
All the best,

Sue said...

What a wonderful place to shop with your best friends. I wish we had something like that. We'll be doing a feature on Dogs-N-More pretty soon about pet friendly places to go. I'll be in touch for info.

My dogs love 3 Dog Bakery. too.

Vee said...

Nice shoes, Carol! What a great pop of color!

Interesting concept this dog friendly mall. I bet it's quite successful.

Anne said...

Aww. What a great post. Those two rascals....I mean diva's, look like they were just having a faboulous afternoon! =) Happy dogs on Thursday!

Marjie said...

It's nice that Charli can go to the mall. I bet she didn't really want to not see Sofie. But maybe she wanted you to remember just how wonderful Charli is!

Tina. said...

Our outlet mall just went dog friendly, with the same type of accomodations you mention. I haven't taken mine because well I hate to shop. But I do love seeing all the others that people bring.

Anyways great post, happy dot's!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Well Charli and Sofie had a busy day! That mall is amazing. Brilliant idea! I'd be there every day; Dion loves to shop and meet and greet.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Carol, that is a great post! I just love Charli...she is a diva to the bone, but a lovely one at that! What a great little mall for our little friends! In France, you were allowed to take your dogs anywhere; it was great. My neighbor has a schnauzer named Cokie and she is a pistol indeed. Take care and have much fun in your new, beautiful shoes!! Anita

Neabear said...

What a cool place!! If I had a dog, I would enjoy going there too. Nice!

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