Friday, August 28, 2009

Hopeful Friday.....

Welcome to Hopeful Friday!......

Although, my friend Cielo, who usually hosts this beautiful post is taking a little break from it for now, I would like to continue Hopeful Friday here on my blog. Cielo has encouraged me to continue and has graciously agreed to allow me to use her lovely button. Thank you so much Cielo!....
Hopeful Friday is a post that is dedicated to positive thoughts and inspirational messages. It is a place to celebrate God! If you are interested in posting with me, just pick up a button, write your post, and then leave a comment here. Otherwise, thank you so much for stopping by to visit me. I hope you enjoy your time here....

'Catch the Moment of Grace'

"The moment of grace comes to us in the dynamics of any situation we walk into. It is an opportunity that God sews into the fabric of a routine situation. It is a chance to do something creative, something helpful, something healing, something that makes one unmarked spot in the world better off for our having been there. We catch it if we are people of discernment."
-Lewis B. Smedes-
In A Pretty Good Person

Happy Hopeful Friday everyone!
Peace be with all of you ♥
I hope you have a lovely day.
With warmest regards, Carol


Eileen said...

This is a beautiful post! I love the idea of hopeful opportunities, and the idea of being aware of when these opportunities may arise, and in the future I hope I may take any given situation and see the potential for Grace in it.
Thanks, Carol!
I'm glad you continued with Hopeful Friday, and so nice of your friend to encourage you! A moment of Grace right there!
Love, Eileen

Eileen said...

Just had to come back to tell you that I was telling my grandson Jayden about poor Charli falling in the pool and he said, "I wish I was there because I would jump in and save her, I would hold her like this with one arm and swim like this with the other!" And he demonstrated the whole rescue for me! He just learned to swim this summer and I guess he thinks he can be lifeguard already!

Hope Charli is fully recovered!
All the best,

Happy Catholic said...

Charli and Me -

This post was soooo perfect... How wonderful it is to catch a moment of grace!


Madeline's Album said...

Another wonderful post.

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