Friday, September 4, 2009

Hopeful Friday.....

Welcome to Hopeful Friday, a post dedicated to positive thoughts and inspirational messages. This is a post to celebrate God!...

'Distinguish the Dawn'
"An old rabbi once asked his pupils
how they could tell when the night
had ended and the day had begun.
"Could it be," asked one of the students, "when you can see an
animal in the distance and tell whether it's a sheep
or a dog?" "No" answered the rabbi. Another asked, "Is it when you can look at a tree in the distance and tell whether it is a fig tree or a peach tree?" " No," answered the rabbi. "Then when is it?" the pupils demanded.
"It is when you can look on the face of any man or woman
and see that it is your sister or brother. Because if you cannot
see this, it is still night.""
-Hasidic Tale-
quoted in Peacemaking Day by Day
Happy Hopeful Friday everyone!.....
I hope you have a beautiful and blessed day ♥
Peace be with all of you !......
With warmest regards, Carol


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning Carol! I love Jewish sayings...there is so much wit, wisdom and practical truth embedded in them! Thank you for sharing faith from different view points...that is so cool. How is the little Miss Charli? Bisous to both of you...Anita

Carol said...

I enjoyed reading your post today. Have a wonderful day!


Eileen said...

That was beautiful, Carol! I love that saying and I'm copying it for my journal.
Thanks for sharing that!
Have a great weekend!
Love, Eileen

Queenmothermamaw said...

I love that saying. I am going to put it away. It has profound meaning for sure. Happy week-end to you.

Theresa111 said...

What a delight you are to this blogging community. Please accept my invitation to join Half Hour Meals and share the recipes you love to prepare for yourself, your family and your little Charli. We can always create a pet's food category.

I have a Crucifix much like the one on your side bar. It is very beautiful.

Micki said...

I enjoyed reading you post.It was delighful!

Duchess of Tea said...

Oh! Carol darling I needed this today, thanks for sharing my love. Darling have yourself a fabulous weekend!!

Love & Hugs
Duchess ♥♥♥

Jerelene said...

Lovely post...I loved your pic of Charli from Thursday...she is just so adorable!! Have a wonderful weekend :)
Love, Jerelene

Madeline's Album said...

Enjoyed this post very much. Wishing you and yours a great and safe Labor Day weekend. Madeline

Just a little something from Judy said...

Peace to you too, my friend. May you and your family have a relaxing and enjoyable time together. Thank you for sharing that inspiring piece.

Michael said...

I had never heard that one before... Thanks! Have a blessed Labor Day Weekend!

inspirações da Jô said...

Dear Carol,
What a beautiful message and moving !!!!!!! I wish that all beings as if they were brothers? The world would be much better !!!!!!! A big hug my dear sister's heart! !And have a wonderful week!!!!!!!!

alzheimersandmomblog said...

I love your post . Sorry about your computer problems we have a new computer too. But my son can't download a program for homework he needs. That is why we got a new one . No Fun.

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