Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Last Rose Of Summer......

Although autumn has always been my favorite season, for some reason, this year I feel especially sad that summer is ending. Today has been cold and kind of dreary at times. As I looked out my kitchen window this morning I came to the realization that summer is over. The weatherman is predicting frost later this week. I decided I better go out and pick the last of my roses. As I was cutting the stems I was reminded of an Irish melody that was originally a poem written by Thomas Moore. It's kind of sad but you know how some of us Irish are. I love beautiful old sad poems and songs........

'The Last Rose Of Summer'

'Tis the last rose of summer left blooming alone;
All her lovely companions are faded and gone;
No rosebud is nigh,
To reflect back her blushes,
To give sigh for sigh.

I'll not leave thee, thou lone one!
To pine on the stem;
Since the lovely are sleeping, Go, sleep thou with them.
thus kindly I scatter Thy leaves o'er the bed,
Where mates in the garden
Lie scentless and dead.

So soon may I follow, when friendships decay
And from Love's shining circles the gems drop away. When true hearts lie whithered and fond ones are flown,
Oh! Who could inhabit this bleak world alone? '


Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Oh what a perfect poem to go with cutting the last roses ! The only thing I like about Autumn is the weather . I think the dying leaves is so sad . And I absolitely hate winter. Can you tell I am a spring summer person , LOL !

koralee said...

Just found your lovely blog..came over to say hi from Rose Tea Cottage...I am loving you sweet poem and images today!

SmilingSally said...

I prefer Spring, but I do love your poem. Thanks, Carol.

Eileen said...

Beautiful roses, beautiful poem!
It is very melancholy and that is SO IRISH!! My Irish mother used to say that all the time, "The Irish are supposed to be melancholy!" And she was!
I go through my spells at times too! It actually feels good sometimes, soothes the soul and refreshes a little.
Nice post.
Love, Eileen

Queenmothermamaw said...

Oh I loved that poem. My dear late grandmother was so Irish. I used to love to hear her stories. He Irish mother died young and she was the oldest, I guess she raised her brothers and sisters on Irish stories and songs. I do love the Irish dancing and the celtic music.

Ruthie said...

Summer went by really fast for us, too. I was sorry to see it end, although I love Fall and the colors.
So nice to read your blog again - after doing so much traveling this summer and missing all my blogger friends posts. :)
Happy Fall.

Just a little something from Judy said...

I did not know you liked beautiful sad songs. It is a perfect poem/song to go with the cutting of summer's last roses. The bouquet is so pretty! Even though Fall is my favorite time of the year, I too felt a sadness to say goodbye to the summer. Nice post!

Shelley said...

Your roses were pretty and the irish in me enjoyed your poem!
:-) We really didn't have much of a summer in Michigan, did we?

P.S. Scout is still deciding on a Halloween costume but she does like bunnies....

Tootsie said...

I hate it that this year is coming to a close...your poem is wonderful...I hope you have a great rest of the week!

CIELO said...

Oh wow.. love the new soft colors and banner of your blog! and of course, I'd love to participate in your party, only thing is my "little" black dress is not that little any more, but if you don't mind that, I'll be there for sure! ;) See you then!


Madeline's Album said...

I am looking forward to some cooler weather even if it means the end of swimming laps for another year. Your roses are just beautiful. The Irish song was also beautiful. Love your Halloween Header and Charli's Halloween outfit. Have a great evening. Madeline

Susie Q said...

Ohhow beautiful sweet friend!!
Just lovely. I do so love the Fall. It's my favorite time of year!

Michael said...

I feel the same way! I love Fall, but I'm really missing Summer these days. Have a blessed week!

Blessings each day said...

Much as I love Spring, I would not wnat to just miss it too much and not be able to embrace Autumn and even Winter with all the baking and cooking and coziness.

Aaah, yes, we Irish can get melancholy but then break out in an Irish jig or two and get going again...thanks for sharing the lovely poem. Our roses will keep bloom ing for a couple of months here in Georgia.

blessings and happy hugs,


texasdaisey said...

Beautiful roses. You should come visit me here in Texas. Our summertime heat will sweat the summer right out of ya. We are still running the AC and mowing doesn't stop till November. Oh how I long for cooler days.

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