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Blue Monday.......... And a Thanksgiving Day Tradition.....

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Blue Monday.... And a Thanksgiving Day Tradition......

It all started when our granddaughter Jessica was just a little girl. I wanted something special to put on the table for Thanksgiving that would be fun and distinguish her seat from the rest of the family. I decided the perfect something to get would be a small chocolate turkey
wrapped in colorful foil from Morley's Candy Shop. As our
other grandchildren came along my hubby and I added another chocolate turkey to the mix. Our grandchildren always seemed
excited about these little turkeys, (grandma too), and they would automatically run to look for a place to sit that had a foil wrapped turkey sitting on the plate. Around Thanksgiving
every year they would start asking if my hubby and I had gotten the chocolate turkeys yet and through the years those
little chocolate turkeys have become a favorite Thanksgiving Day tradition.....
Today my hubby and I still go out to the Morley's Candy Shop to get the turkey's for Thanksgiving Day, only now in addition to our grandchildren, we have the pleasure of getting them for our great-grandchildren too. This is where the blue comes in. These pictures are from our most recent trip to Morley's....

Just look at all of that candy! Morley's is a wonderful place to visit. They make the candy right on site and they offer daily tours of the candy factory. For some reason though, they only allow cameras in the candy shop and not in the factory.
This year my hubby and I were a little disappointed to learn that Morley's will no longer be making the small foiled turkey's. They will still make a foiled turkey in the larger size but the smaller chocolate turkey's will be packaged differently.

This is what the turkey's used to look like
and below is what they are packaged to
look like today. I think they are still cute
but not as cute as the foiled ones.

Since Anne and Mike have graciously
invited our entire family to
Thanksgiving dinner
this year I have packed these
little turkey's up and they are ready
to go......
What are some of your Thanksgiving
traditions? I would love to hear from you.
Happy Blue Monday everyone!
I hope all of you are having a beautiful
fall day ♥
With warmest regards, Carol


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Carol, that is just the cutest thing! I didn't know they made chocolate turkeys, and this is really fun for Thanksgiving. You just gave me a great idea!!! Thanks so much for sharing.

Happy Blue Monday to you...


Sheila :-)

Eileen said...

That is a 'sweet' tradition in all ways!
And that store is great! I think your little chocolate turkey tradition still looks wonderful, that basket is very Fall/Thanksgiving, and the treats will still be enjoyed, but I agree that I like the foil better too.
We're invited to my sister-in-law this year so I think I'm going to try and find these chocolate turkeys and make up a little Thanksgiving basket to bring along!
Thanks for another wonderful idea, Carol!
Love to you,

SmilingSally said...

I agree, Carol, I like the foil wrapped turkeys better. Happy Blue Monday to you!

Brenda Eason said...

Aww that is so sweet. I just love those Turkeys. I have never heard of that place,but im sure none here.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Carol, what a gorgeous candy shop! You have a lot of fun looking shops and places up your way in Michigan! My tradition for the last 27 years has been influenced by the fact that I am married to a Puerto-Rican American, so, my mother-in-law is a killer of a cook. Every year, she would put out a large serving bowl just for me so I could eat all of the rice and beans I wanted!!!! We Latinos celebrate with turkey but add the rice and beans is so good. Thanksgiving with a touch of spice!!!! Bisous to you and the divine Miss Charli! Anita

sherri@lavenderfields said...

So nice! It's traditions like these that will have you surrounded always by the love of your family! Hope you have a great Blue Monday, and a wonderful week Sherri : )

Sharlotte said...

What a sweet tradition! I've never seen chocolate turkeys...and the packaging! Too pretty! Thanks for sharing!

Madeline's Album said...

I have never seen chocolate turkeys. I agree the foil wrapped ones are so cute, but the new wrapping is ok. Have a happy Blue Monday and a great week. Madeline

P.S. Thank your for your comment on my last post. My husband built the garden house for me, and I love to decorate it for the holidays.

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