Sunday, November 8, 2009

Punch..... A delicious drink and fun beverage for any holiday....

Punch.... A delicious and fun beverage for any holiday......
I have always thought punch bowls were so beautiful! They come in so many different styles and shapes. Just like there contents, some are elegant, some are simple, and I'm sure if you looked hard enough you would find one or two punch bowls that are just plain silly. I have always liked the punch bowls made out of cut glass and crystal. They look so pretty on a table and especially in a candle lit room with the light bouncing off of them.
Just look at this punch bowl! You wouldn't believe how much money it costs! I could not imagine paying that much money for a punch bowl but I am sure some people do. I can envision it sitting in the dining room of an old and charming vintage estate. It is just gorgeous and especially when paired with those exquisite pedestal glasses. This one is a Waterford just in case anyone is interested......
When my children were little I had a very pretty punch bowl. I just loved it and especially since it was a gift from my mother. One day it accidentally got broken and I've always said that some day I would get another one. I used to like to make non-alcoholic, fun, and sometimes elegant punch for my children and family at Christmas, on birthdays, and other holidays. I always made the punch non-alcoholic so the children in our family could enjoy them too.
A couple of years ago our Anne purchased a punch bowl and since then all of our family parties have been even better because of the delicious and fun punches she makes. For Halloween she made a very delicious vampire punch that was just over the top. The kids loved it ♥ I made up my mind, right then and there, that it was time to get another punch bowl.....

Look at this punch! Our grandson's would
love something like this.

Any of these punches would look elegant on a table, whether for Christmas, a shower, or perhaps a special tea.

Here is another ghoulish delight. Look at that skull floating in the middle of that punch. How creative is that!
Below a beautiful summer punch. Wouldn't that taste good with some delicious tea cookies of some kind?

There used to be proper etiquette rules regarding punch, like not using ice cubes and making sure it contained five ingredients, but I don't think they apply today. I think today anything goes as long as it's pretty, delicious, and fun.

This is the punch bowl I recently purchased. It was relatively inexpensive and I know it is something I am going to enjoy. It actually comes in two pieces so it is very practical You can use the smaller flat bowl on the bottom for things like nuts or candy and the large bowl could be used for popcorn or chips at large gatherings when neither of the bowls are being used for punch.

I decided to make a Reindeer punch for Christmas because I always wear antlers at our family Christmas parties LOL Now there is something you didn't know about me! Would you believe there is actually a recipe for Reindeer punch on the Internet? I'm going to make antler's out of art foam for the back of the bowl, and then in the front I'm going to make eyes and a red nose. Where the two bowls meet I'm going to add garland and a bow. Maybe I will even make some antlers for Charli. Wouldn't she look cute?
As I was thinking about how to put the raindeer together I remembered I had a small battery operated light that I purchased for one of my pumpkins on Halloween. It's called a holiday tea light and it changes colors. Look what happened when I added it to the bottom of the punch bowl!

Is that not neat or what! It's almost like having a Christmas tree sitting right in the middle of my punch bowl. I think it's going to look very festive on our table. I can't wait to show it to Ryan and Aayden!
Do you like to serve punch at your family parties? If so, what kind of punch do you serve? I look forward to hearing from you.
Ho, Ho, Ho! I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner.
I hope you are having a nice day ♥
With warmest regards, Carol


Jerelene said...

I loved this!! I love punch....
All the punch bowls were just beautiful...I can't wait to see your reindeer punch!!
Now I'm thirsty for punch :)
Hope you are happy and well!
Love your Thanksgiving page...very pretty :)
Love, Jerelene

Brenda Eason said...

So beautiful. I love punch bowls also. I think if I had more room I would collect them.
I have a small one I love to make the punch bowl cake for a crowd in it.

Eileen said...

I love punch bowls too and I actually have two! One was my Mom's and the other I got at a Church sale for three dollars! I used to use them a lot for parties, and for eggnog at Christmas, but for some reason I haven't used them in years!
I am going to make a punch for Christmas this year, and I actually have one of those battery light cubes too!
Great idea, Carol!
I'm going to look up my punch recipes right now!
Love to you, Eileen

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Carol, what a great idea! I am now very thristy!!! I remember my mother having a beautiful crystal bowl and during the holidays, having homemade egg nog. I really love the idea of the little light under the crystal bowl to change colors. AWESOME IDEA!!!! This is my first holiday in Blogland; this is going to be so fun....happiness, health and blessings to your home, Carol. Bisous, Anita

Madeline's Album said...

Carol, what lovely punch bowls. I have 3 myself but verily seldom use them. I just might have to get a least one out for the holidays. I love the idea of the light under the base that changes colors. Have a blessed day and week. Madeline

Vancouver real estate agent said...

Hi. Punch is one of my most favorite drinks. I have recipe from my friend in Europe. It's little bit different than classical punch but everybody in our family loves it. I make it always during Christmas and sometimes for Thanksgiving. It's possible to drink it warm or cold but I prefer the warm punch. I'm going to be thirsty for punch too.

Take care,

Deb said...

what a cute idea for the reindeer punch...I love punch bowls..but they are so hard to store....

JG said...

Your punch bowl is so pretty! We have had ours for 30+ years.

Sherbet Punch is our family/friend favorite in our punch bowl! Sherbet and Diet 7-Up. Easy, colorful and so yummy. Many of our celebrations include this beverage, because it is enjoyed by children of all ages!

Just a little something from Judy said...

The little votive under the crystal punch bowl is the coolest idea! I want to try that. It looks so festive and would make the punch looks so pretty. Thanks for the great idea.

I like how you shared so many variations for punch bowls. I like whenever I go to a party with a punch bowl.

Hope you are having a good Monday. Thanks for you kind comments on my blog.

Sandy said...

You are the most creative person I know. You continually amaze me with your wonderful ideas! You are SO cool, my friend!

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