Saturday, December 12, 2009

Charli's first sleep over.....

Charli's first sleep over..........

My hubby and I were very
excited when we learned that
Sofie, one of our little grand dogs, would be spending the
night with us. We thought it
would be fun for Charli and
Sofie to spend the night with
one another.
When ever we get together as a family all of our precious dogs are included, and even though in the beginning Charli didn't particularly like it when the girls came over to our house, she has learned to accept Peeper and Sofie as long as she can be the boss most of the time. We kind of laugh about it in our family, because although Charli is the smallest of the three, she is definitely the most opinionated and obstinate. Peeper will usually put up with her antics for just so long and then she yelps out one of her famous "er-roo's" which is Charli's signal to knock it off. Poor little Sofie, on the other hand, just rolls over and submits.
Unfortunately the sleep over was a total disaster! Charli behaved very badly indeed. She was not a gracious hostess at all and terrorized poor Sofie all the while she was here. In fact, Charli was so bad that she reminded us of a little bully! She pouted, whined, carried on, and pushed poor Sofie around the room by putting her face up against Sofie's and then nudging her in the direction she wanted her to go. That direction was usually towards our front door. She wouldn't share any of her toys, refused to drink out of her water bowl if Sofie so much as took a sip, and actually snapped at Sofie a couple of times. It seemed like all my husband and I did all night was scold her. We even had to put her in time out once.
When it was time for bed we put Sofie in her crate but she was lonely and cried so we knew that wasn't going to work. When we brought her up on our bed she seemed to settle down but not Charli. Oh no! She kept us all up all night because if Sofie even so much as moved she growled at her.
Oh I know all of you think Charli is sweet and would never ever do anything like this but I have the evidence. Yes I do. I wanted to get some pictures of the two dogs together but Charli would have no part of it. I finally put them up on a bed in one of our spare rooms but Charli kept jumping back down. Just when I was about to give up I did manage to get a picture. Just look at how stubborn Charli is being! She refused to look at the camera or Sofie. It's almost as if she is saying "you can make be sit here all night but I'm not gonna do it."

My hubby, who was standing in door way finally said, "Charli if you don't be good your not gonna get anything for Christmas." Charli looked him right in the eye, listened to what he had to say, and jumped off of the bed anyway.

By the time Sofie went home my hubby and I were literally exhausted but Charli was just as happy as a clam. We don't think she wants to have another sleep over any time soon.
I hope all of you are having a nice day ♥
With warmest regards, Carol


Eileen said...

Poor Sofie!

And poor Charli too, she didn't want her territory invaded!
I guess she's very jealous indeed!

I'll have to come back later and read this to Jayden, he will get such a kick out of it!

Sorry it didn't work out.

I haven't been posting much, and I have a lot to catch up on visiting too.
'Hope you are enjoying the beautiful season!
Love to you,

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Carol, LOL! This is the funniest thing I've ever read. Of course, Charli rules that roost, and that means you, too! ;-)

I'm laughing so hard at your description. I can just see her pouting.

When we first got our second dog, Miss T played with her and then looked at me like, "Okay, she can go home now!" When the new puppy didn't leave, it was Miss T in the doldrums. She was actually depressed. ;-) Later, they were inseparable. But they had their moments where fights would ensue over what we couldn't ascertain. They would sometimes (out of the blue) go at each other. Once in a blue moon, it happened when I had to reprimand her sister. Then her sister would get embarassed and take it on Miss T! The life of dogs, who can figure! ;-)

But it sounds like you need the Dog Whisperer if you have another sleepover. I hope YOU get some rest. Apparently, Charli has! LOL!


Sheila :-)

Jerelene said...

I'm sorry to hear that the sleep over didn't go well. If only poor Charli could understand what she was missing out looks like sophie would be a good and sweet friend to charli...maybe they'll get along better next time...Charli and Sophie are both beautiful doggies!!
I bet she can't wait for Christmas..I saw a pink snugglie that I bet Charli would love!!

Rose said...

Poor Charli... And poor Sofie too... I don't imagine MaggieMae would be too keen on a sleepover either, unless it was my grand dog Sarah, she's easy=going, a german shorthaired pointer... the gentlest dog I have ever known. Maggie is good at her house, but here? Not sure how she'd be. Anyway... glad you all survived!! :-)

Sue said...

Even the sweetest ones can be brats sometimes. She knows she has a good thing and doesn't want to share it.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Carol, I am sitting here totally entertained. I am laughing out loud at 1:01am and I am lovin' Charli, regardless of her lack of hospitality! You gotta admit, she is cute....your pictures and STORY are just too funny, Carol! Have a magnificent week dear friend! Anita

Madeline's Album said...

Oh my what a cute story. Charli just could not have acted that way, but then I guess she did not want her home invaded by any pup. Maybe next time she will do better. I love the pictures. Have a blessed Sunday. Madeline

♥ Kathy said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I can't believe Charli acted that way!! I guess she doesn't like to share her territory. Poor little Sofie...I bet she didn't know what to do! Well, maybe next time it will go better...I hope!! Oh, and I just love that name Peeper lol too cute! Happy Sunday Carol ♥

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