Friday, December 4, 2009

Reindeer Punch..........

Reindeer Punch.....

As some of you know who have been following my blog I'm making Reindeer Punch for Christmas Eve. I was thinking that maybe the regular punch glasses might be a little hard for some of our grandson's to hold so I went out looking to see what I could find. I found these sweet little glasses at target. They are just perfect! They are about the same size as a punch glass, but no handle, and much more festive I think. I also found some reindeer napkins at the Dollar Store to go with them. The idea for the punch bowl was a little more difficult to come up with. Now promise not to laugh and scroll down please......
My hubby says it's the silliest thing he's ever seen. What ever! I think my reindeer punch bowl is kind of cute. Now all I have to do is insert the light into the bottom and I'm all set.

Happy weekend everyone!
Our little grand dog Sofie is coming over to spend the night tonight, and tomorrow one of our grands (Ryan) and great grand's (Aayden) are coming to lunch, so it's going to be fun and busy here. Just think! Charli is having her very first sleep over :>)
I will let you know how everything goes.
With warmest regards, Carol


Madeline's Album said...

Carol, I think your reindeer punch bowl is adorable. Have fun with your grandsons. Tell Charli to have fun also. Have a great evening and weekend. Madeline

Eileen said...

Carol, I love that punch bowl! You have the best ideas! It looks so festive and I love your little Christmas house that you made! And how sweet it will all be for your grandchildren to enjoy! The new reindeer cups for the punch are perfect!
It all sounds like so much fun! And a sleepover for Charli!

I think we'll be working on a gingerbread house with the grandkids this weekend!

Enjoy your family!
Love to you!,

♥ Kathy said...

Oh My Goodness! Your husband is crazy lol that is the cutest punch bowl ever! Have fun with the kiddos and I hope the doggies get along :)

Wanda said...

The punch bowl looks no attention to your husband on matters of creative entertaining Carol! I love it, wish I could create one too! The cups from Target are perfect too.

Shelley said...

That reindeer punch bowl is so festive and cute! Love it! I bet your grandchildren will get a kick out of it too! Tell Charli to have fun w/ her sleepover and not to stay up too late~! :-)

Julie said...

Mayhaps I think you partook of a little too much of the reindeer punch and changed their name to raindeer! LOL!

Blessings each day said...

That punch bowl is so cute, Carol...great idea as the grandkids will love the cups too.

Hope Charli has a great sleep over and that they don't stay up all night watching TV or jamming (howling?)out to music!!

blessings and hugs,


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I LOVE IT! You are so very creative dearest! The boys are going to love it! You must give us the recipe for the punch. I have such fond memories of the punch bowl that my mom would whip out for our Sangria (a Spanish version of punch with a lot of fruit). What lovely, great memories. Keep Charli away from the punch bowl! Kisses to her and you, Anita

pinta said...

happy weekend Carol! and big hug to Charlie
Pinta & Uto

sunshine said...

I love the glasses! What a cute idea to fix the punch bowl up as well.
I'm sure your grandchildren will love it!


Just a little something from Judy said...

The longer I read this blog, the more creative I think you are. Now, not to disagree with your husband but I happen to think the punch bowl looks perfect, especially with the cups and the plates you are using. I know your grandchildren will always remember it.

As for Charli, what foods and punch are you making for that sleepover party?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Will you be tailgating?

Barb said...

Hi Carol,

I LOVE your punchbowl. Very cool. I know it will be a hit.
How exciting for Charli to be having her 1st sleep over. Tommy has never had one. I think he would chase away his guests.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Jerelene said...

Hi Carol... I love the punch bowl too! What fun :)
I love the picture of Charli with the reindeer antlers looking over at the reindeer...adorable!
I hope her sleepover is fun and happy for everyone :)
Hugs to you....Jerelene

Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh thanks for the smile! That reindeer punch bowl is just adorable.

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