Thursday, January 28, 2010

An update on Charli......

An update on Charli....

The good news is that the swelling on Charli's face is subsided and the burn on her neck is healing nicely. I have kept her paws in gauze dressings which has helped. They are now off and she doesn't seem to be scratching any more.

The bad news is that this is the third night no one in our house hold has had any rest. Charli has worked her self up into quite a state and this morning we are having a windy day which isn't helping at all. For three days she has been pacing up and down the hall, hiding in the closet, under the bed, whimpering, bumping into walls, and falling off of furniture because she is half asleep. Night time is the worse! Once before, when she had gotten herself upset like this, we tried medication but it only seems to make matters worse. She is a highly anxious pup and this is usually something she has to work out on her own. We have no idea how long this latest episode will last. All we can do is hold her, sit by her, tell her we love her, and reassure her that she is OK. I took these pictures this morning and as you can see she is so tired that she is literally falling asleep on the chair.

The groomer did call me back yesterday and apparently one of her helpers groomed Charli. She said he has never had any problems in the past. She did offer to pay any medical expenses we might incur and also give Charli a free grooming next time she is due. I thought it was nice of her to offer but I still won't take Charli back there again. The one thing she did said that bothered me was, "Charli can never come here on a Saturday again. We are very busy and you know how she is." It was almost as if she were implying that it was Charli's fault that this happened, and not hers, or her staff. I don't know. I'm just glad Charli is on the mend and hopefully she will settle down soon.
Well, I'm falling asleep at my computer so I am going to sign off. I will slowly be making my way around to visit with all of you. Thank you again for all of your lovely comments, advice, and tips. I really do appreciated it.
Charli is sending hugs to all of you.
I hope you are having a bright and sunny day ♥
With warmest regards, Carol


Anonymous said...

Maybe Charli will be her ole' self once the fur gets back to normal. Our little guy "Sam" would return to normal once the fur was back to normal. Give her a (((HUG))) for us!
: ) God Bless

Vee said...

Oh how awful for all of you to be awake for hours on end. Hope that today is the day that you all get some rest. I'm glad that groomer called, but I think you've made the right call about not taking her there again. And, I think you've learned a valuable piece of information...Charli may require extra time at the groomer's on a quiet day.

my cup of tea said...

So glad to hear Charli is on the mend! What a cute pic with her falling asleep in the chair!

sunshine said...

Awww Charli.
I hope that she (and you) get some sleep soon.
I'm glad that the groomer called back. She could have saved the part about not coming on a Saturday for another conversation but oh well...

Glad to hear that she is on the mend though....


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Carol, I would definitely take Charli to the vet, explain exactly what happened, show them the pictures, and then send the vet bill to the groomer! That is unbelievable that they would be that incompetent and put it off on the poor Charli! Please! A good groomer can handle any dog, and if they had reservations, they should have voiced them upfront. I cannot believe she covered for that incompetent guy! Email her a shot of Charli's eye and the spots, THEN let's see her cover for him.

This makes me so upset for you and Charli.

Sending you both warm hugs. I'm glad she's feeling better, and I'm glad you are a nurse! Think if this happened to someone else's dog. I would be sure and tell your vet what happened so they can steer their customers away from that groomer. This is NOT Charli's fault. It's the fault of an incompetent! Grrrrrrrr!

On a different note, I left a little thank you on my blog for a blog award you gave me some time ago. I thanked the folks who did that last year, and you and Charli received my thanks and love.


Sheila :-)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

P.S. The one good thing you can come away with (almost forgot to say this) is if Charli is nervous at the groomer, you can arrange to stay with her or take her to her NEW groomer on a day that isn't busy. There are some groomers here who will come to your house. Is that an option there? They have a mobile pet van, and they will groom for you right at your house. That might help, too.

But Carol, that still doesn't lessen their responsibility in what those people did or anyone would do to poor little Charli! When it comes to dogs, old people, and children, I can work myself into a lather. LOL!

The Muse said...

I think Ms Magpie is so right!

We all care about you both..and want what is best!

Do hope that she continues to mend :)
And certainly feel for you, as you continue to care for her :)

JG said...

Oh, goodness! Poor Charli! Hope everything is a bit better today. Also, hope you all get a little rest during the day and tonight.

Shelley said...

I'm just reading this and the previous post and I have tears in my eyes for poor sweet Charli! So sorry to hear that she got hurt at the groomer. Please give her lots of hugs from me and Scout!!!

Madeline's Album said...

I am so glad Charli is on the mend. Hope you all get some much needed sleep in the coming nights. It is good the groomer called you back even if it was not really what you wanted to hear. Have a blessed day. Madeline

Anonymous said...

Glad that Charli is felling a little bit better. How thoughtless to blame it on you. The buck should stop with her. Blessings and sweet restful dreams to all! Mel

Eileen said...

Thank you for posting! I've been thinking about Charli so much.

Of course the groomer is going to deflect, no way is she going to take responsibility! And what does that even mean that Charli can't come on a Saturday because of how she is?! All that means to me is that they over-book and then have to rush through the groomings and they can only have perfect dogs that sit like statues! How is that a plausible explanation?! Makes you lose heart, doesn't it?
Well, at least the groomer did call you back, but that's the least she can do.

I'm sure it was very traumatic for Charlie. I hope she calms down, poor girl.

Please keep us updated.
Love to you,

Rose said...

So glad to see Charli is doing better. My sister-in-law had her yorkie groomed once only to discover the tip of his tail was missing! When I read what had happened to Charli, I wondered if it had been a "helper" rather than the one who usually grooms her. I guess it's really important to communicate with the groomer if there are others working with them. I hope you all get your much needed rest soon!

Jerelene said...

I love coming to your have the prettiest pictures...esp. the ones of Charli..
I've been thinking of her and wondering how she was...
Bad groomer for that not nice comment about saturdays...I don't blame you...I wouldn't take her back either. I sure hope she feels better soon so you can get some sleep...Hugs to you and Charli too..
Love, Jerelene

Sue said...

She should pay the medical bills. A new 'groomer' should not be allowed to shave a dog with no supervision. He obviously didn't know what he was doing. I'm so sorry Charli had to endure this. She must be in terrible pain. Has you vet recommended anything to help her relax?

Patti said...

OMG! I just read what happened. I am so upset for you and Charli both. What an awful thing to happen!

I had a bad experience with not one but two groomers with my mini, Liesl. Now she only goes to someone who actually specializes in schnauzers and understands that they must be treated gently, both physically and emotionally.

Of course, poor Charli is upset. Liesl and I are sending her lots of love and puppy hugs. Hope you both get some rest soon.


Ruthie said...

I am so sorry for Charli - Hope that he is feeling better by now. Precious little pup.
Keep us posted.

Blessings each day said...

So sorry to hear about poor little Charli, Carol...sorry to hear about the sorry state of affairs with the groomer and the attitude! Bet they wouldn't like you to post a picture of what happened to Charli and have it in front of their shop. That sorry excuse for Saturday was so out of line.

Our vet told us we could use benadryl to calm Tinkabelle down when she had her cast on and then her tail sore, so that could help Charli (of course she'd need the child's dose).

I used to do all the grooming for our little schnauzer Jake and he was as happy as a lark.

blessings and hugs,


Wanda said...

Marcy may be right...Would it be hard to learn to groom Charlie? Nothing better than a mother's touch!

Barb said...


How horrible for you, hubs, and Charli.
What a comment the groomer made also. Not good. I'm so glad Charli will not be going back there again.

Please give Charli a "gentle hug" from Tommy and I.
Bless her little heart.

big hugs to you,

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Carol, I had a very light night last night defending my thesis (successfully!) and then answering all my comments for the post I had made to let everyone know; I am barely getting to you, but I have been praying for you and my sweet little valentine, Charli. She looks so very pooped, and I just hope that like us humans, she finds some rest in order to come back to her old self. She is so precious to us all. Anita

MyThoughtsMyVoice said...

Hello Carol,

I think it is the worst thing to feel when you know someone is not herself and you cannot do anything to ease things a bit.

BUt Charli is well loved and I hope she will continue to feel a little more better.

Oh, I think it was nice of the groomer to offer you those but I guess things turn around when she made the next comment. I don't think she need to say those.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Carol my dearest....thank you for having a slice of bread with me in France! I hope that you are well and that sweet Charli is getting better every day! How are you? We are freezing here, but hope of spring, with all the busy activities for this month and next, will come faster than we think. I pray that all will go well for our little furry friend. Bisous! Anita

Michael said...

Glad she is getting better!

Dog Training Fort Collins said...

It's nice to know that Charli is doing fine.

Shelia said...

HI Carol. What a lovely prayer for Haiti! I couldn't find where to comment so I'll just do it here! Thanks for popping in to see me and I'm so glad to know little Charli is doing well. Take care.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

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