Saturday, February 6, 2010

But where is the snow?........

But where is the snow?......

Charli and I happened to be driving through a near-by town the other day when we came across these cheery little snowmen. Since I had my camera in the car I thought I would snap a few pictures. I'm not complaining at all, but in our area we have had an unusually mild winter. There has only been one snow storm where there was enough snow to shovel and I don't remember our degrees ever dropping below zero. It has been quite different than in recent years where the temperature would only reach five or ten degrees for days at a time and it seemed that all we did was shovel ourselves and sometimes our neighbors out of the snow.

I was curious as to why this city had hung all these snowmen up so I went on the Internet to find out. Don't you just love the Internet? What did we ever do with out it? Well, apparently, this small town is quite a cheery little place to live. They hang scarecrows in the fall, snowmen in the winter, and there will be hearts for Valentine's Day. All of the local businesses get involved and each business decorates in a different way. I didn't read anything about a contest and I'm wondering if they have one. Regardless, it sounds like quite a friendly and fun place to live!

Happy Saturday everyone!
I hope you have a beautiful day ♥
If you are in a wintry place I hope stay
warm and cozy. If you are in a warm
place I hope your day is sunny
and bright!
With warmest regards, Carol


Madeline's Album said...

That is a great way for a town to be. I wonder if they decorate for St. Patrick's Day. Have a blessed day and weekend. Madeline

P.S. The photos are great.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello Carol! We are having a huge January thaw today! Well wait, it's Feb. now! WHOA, time is flying! Give Charli a squeeze and hugs to you! Anita

Ruth said...

Hi Carol,
Thanks for sharing those pictures. That sure is a friendly town.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I look forward to read your friendship celebration next Saturday.

Have a blessed weekend!

GrandmaK said...

We have just enough snow to make it clear that winter is still here and not enough to make it miserable. It really is pretty! Have a grand day! cathy

Just a little something from Judy said...

We should be the city that has the snowmen. My goodness, it is still snowing and we already have 18 inches. It is so beautiful! Wish you were here to get your snow fix. Our winter has been the opposite of yours. I guess it goes in cycles.
The photos you shared are great!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Hi, Carol!

I think the snow came South along with the cold because we've had an unusually cold winter. Please do me a favor and take it back next winter... okay? Pretty please???

Sending you warm hugs today and always...


Sheila :-)

The Muse said...

I must say, there is always a brighter outlook on SNOW...when we look beyond the
I say that from a nearing 3 ft!


Send Charli with a sifter of warm brandy...or warm coco ! LOL

Vee said...

So true! Every little question we have can usually be answered. What a cute little town with all its snowmen.

inspirações da Jô said...

Dear Carol,
A nice city, find beautiful the snow, the puppets that you do, finally, you with the cold, and me here in a terrible heat!!!!!! Kisses and an excellent Sunday!!!!!!

The Muse said...

Wishing you a blessed Sunday!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dear one,
Thank you for celebrating the final moment for me in my 17 year career as a student. I am done with attending school, but I am a committed learner and NOW I want to actually savor the gems I have learned. Bisous to you and Charli, Anita

susan said...

Carol-I love the snowmen decorations! We got up to an unforecast 6 inches of snow this morning and it is beautiful! Of course, here in the South it paralyzes us--good day for a good book!

SmilingSally said...

It's fun to stumble upon places like this, Carol. Have a great week.

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