Tuesday, February 2, 2010

In Addition to Tea, I love Coffee!.......

In Addition to Tea, I love Coffee!.....

In addition to tea, I love coffee, and especially the speciality coffees offered at places like Starbucks and Caribou. I started drinking them when my niece and I would sometimes meet at a coffee shop on a day we both had off from work. Caffe Mocha is a favorite of mine. I rarely frequent an actual Starbucks or Caribou any more because these coffees are so rich, fattening, and expensive but I have to admit that when ever I visit our local hospital, and sometimes one of the Target stores in our area, I will indulge and give myself a special little treat. Both of these places just happen to have a Starbucks in them.

Recently, my husband, bother, sister-in-law, and myself were at a restaurant and I noticed they had speciality coffees on the menu. Well, I just had to try one of them so my sister-in-law and I decided to order them for dessert. I tell you we were in seventh heaven. They were delicious and just look how they were served. Hot steaming espresso with dollops of whipped cream, a hint of cinnamon, and CHOCOLATE! They were just perfect! It's something I can definitely seeing myself having or serving to guests on a cold winter evening here at home.

Do you like speciality coffees? If so, what is
your favorite kind. Do you like to serve them
at home? I would love to hear from you.
I hope all of you have a wonderful day ♥
With warmest regards, Carol


The Muse said...

I love going to the bookstore and indulging in any beverage that involves chocolate!

As far as fixing them at home...I believe there is a new coffe maker in our future..hopefully we will be able to splurge with some new beverage varieties!

Love & Heaven's Blessings,
The Muse

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Rose said...

Here in western NY we have Tim Horton's coffee. It is a chain started by Canadian hockey player, Tim Horton. It has quite a following. While strong it is not as bitter as Starbucks coffee. I like mine with just cream. At home I like flavored coffees. At one time I had an account with Gevailia... also an excellent coffee. But it kept building up and finally I dropped my account with them because I had so much of it here. Now, because it's just me to drink it I don't get it either. But for drive throughs, it's TH coffee for me, and even here at home since it is now sold in the grocery stores here. And I drink decaf. Sometimes I get my daughters favorite, a cafe mocha (mine a decaf mocha). In the summertime (and occasionally in the winter) the Iced Cappucino... which also comes in different flavors (hazelnut and french vanilla for two) is excellent also! I never used to like ice coffee, but a lot of the time when I finish drinking it, it's cold. Still good however! I only occasionally like a cup of tea, alhtough in the summer time I like sun tea. I guess it all depends on the mood I'm in at the time, but mostly it's coffee!

Just a little something from Judy said...

I appreciate the tea side of your personality, but I really like the coffee side of it. These pictures created a great desire on my part to run out to Starbucks this evening. As for my very favorite coffee...it is Vanilla Nut coffee with a touch of Creme Brulee coffee creamer in it, but I do enjoy most all cups of coffee, as long as it is not too strong. I would enjoy sharing a cup of coffee with you sometime. Nice post!

Wanda said...

I'm a Hazelnut Coffee Nut myself! We fix our own specialty coffees at home...even Iced Cappucinos! Love Coffee Icecream too!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH THIS LOOKS SO GOOD! I can't drink coffee, but tea is my drink of choice! Either one goes down so nicely on days in January!! How are you dearest? ANita

Madeline's Album said...

I have never been one for these speciality coffee. I like just a regular cup of coffee. Have a good day. Madeline

Judi said...

Hi Carol
Oh dear that looks far too decadent for me... NOT I haven't had a coffee like that with chocolate in it but chocolate sure does go with coffee...I will have to give that a try.

Yes as Rose says we have Tim Horton's coffee everywhere. One little town could have 4 of them easily. EVERYONE goes to Tim Horton's coffee. Now I don't go to Starbucks very often I don't see them around as readily but I enjoy their coffee. I love a good strong cup of coffee and its a nice treat.

Thank you for sharing and give a little hug and smooth to Charli for me.

have a lovely day

Sue said...

I love caffe mocha, too. It satisfies both my love of coffee and my big love of chocolate.

Ruth said...

I love Starbucks' moccha and Dunkin donuts' cappuccino. I'm a coffee drinker but now switching to tea for health reason. I still drink coffee once a day, though.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I was delighted to see your note there.I hope you join us for tea-talk.
Have a nice day!

Rebecca said...

I love coffee and just about ANY specialty coffee drinks that include chocolate! Due to their high cost in $ and calories, I partake rather infrequently.

We drink strong coffee here...have found Folgers Gourmet blend in the dark roast perfectly wonderful. And I drink it black.

Once in awhile for a treat, I'll put about 1/4 cup skim milk in a mug in the microwave, heat it, then use a wire wisk to froth it and pour my coffee into it. It is very satisfying and easy to do.

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