Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm a Grilled Grandma!........

I'm a Grilled Grandma!.......

You can just imagine how delighted I was when Lisa wrote to me to ask if I would be interested in becoming a Grilled Grandma. I mean who doesn't want to talk about their grandchildren! I thought this was so much fun to do. Thank you so much Lisa for asking me to participate. If you would like to read my Grilled Grandma interview all you have to do is click on the following link
Who knows....... Maybe you will be the next Grilled Grandma.....
On a sad note, our little Charli is very ill. She has been vomiting for several days now. Yesterday she had to have IV fluids because of the dehydration. She is also on medicine for the vomiting. We are at a new vet who I like and trust very much. Our own vet won't be back until Friday. I have been up all night with Charli. She has been very unsettled. Right now she is curled up on her blanket on a chair here in my office. Yesterday she was able to hold down a tablespoon of chicken and small amounts of water but so far today nothing. Please say a little pray that our little girl starts feeling better soon.
I hope all of you have a lovely day ♥
With warmest regards, Carol

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An Easter Bonnet Tea..........

An Easter bonnet tea.....

Recently our local museum and historical village hosted an Easter bonnet tea. Loria Hoffman, from 'Hoffman's Millinery Treasures' gave the presentation. Lori now owns two hundred and fifty vintage hats and also has quite a collection of vintage purses. It was such a lovely way to spend an afternoon. As we sipped tea in the quaint little church which is located on the grounds of the village, we enjoyed an incredible fashion show, and heard many stories about the hats from Lori, as well as the historical significance of some of the hats that were displayed. There we many smiles and much laughter shared that afternoon. Lori did a wonderful job. The models did a fantastic job as well. I thought you might like to see some of the hats in Lori's collection so I am sharing a few of the photo's I took here.You may click to enlarge.

I thought all of the hats were quite beautiful! Sometimes I wish I could take a step back into time to where women wore pretty hats like these, had dainty gloves, gorgeous dresses and suits, carried calling cards and delicate purses. I wouldn't mind having a horse and carriage either, but of course I realize I am romanticizing. I know those days were much more difficult for women then they are today, but still, maybe for just a day or even two........
I wish all of you could have come to the tea with me.
I hope you have a beautiful and blessed day ♥
It's foggy here in our area but I have always loved this kind of weather. Charli and I have already been out walking about in our yard this morning.
Warmest regards, Carol

Monday, March 29, 2010

Carrots anyone?

Carrots anyone?

The other day I was visiting one of my favorite sites called Skip To My Lou at when I noticed a posted Easter craft that had to do with carrots. I'm sure you have all seen the carrots you can get in the stores that are filled with orange Reese's Pieces. I have always thought they were just darling. Well, in this post a clear frosting pipe bag was filled with Cheese Puffs, then sealed with a twist, and tied with a pretty green ribbon. I thought it was such a great idea that I headed over to my local pastry supply store to see if they had some of these types of bags available there. In addition to the clear bags I found two toned bags. The bags were clear at the bottom and green at the top. They came ten bags to a package. When I thought about what to fill them with I knew I wanted to use a variety of things with different textures and color. I decided to fill my bags with cheddar cheese popcorn, Kix cereal, and those little cheddar cheese fish crackers that children seem to love so much. I also decided to wrap my carrots with two different shades of green ribbon instead of one. They were really easy to make.

All I have to do now is decide if I would like to use these little treats as party favors or perhaps put them in a basket on our large serving table for Easter.

I don't think these carrots would have to be limited to an Easter theme either. I think they would look lovely served at a garden party or spring inspired tea depending upon what it was you decided to fill them with. I think our grands and great grand will like them. It's a perfect portioned treat for a day off school on Easter break.
Thank you Skip to My Lou for this fun and charming idea.

I hope all of you have a beautiful and sunny day ♥
Happy Monday everyone!!!
With warmest regards, Carol

Sunday, March 28, 2010

In her Easter bonnet......

In her Easter bonnet.....

Charli really wanted to go to an Easter Parade this year, but sadly, we have never had one in our area that I know of. She just loves children, and besides, who wouldn't want to meet the Easter bunny? Charli has also heard that there are a lot of other doggies who attend these fun filled events. Being the little diva she is, she would like nothing more than to show off her Easter outfit.

In her Easter bonnet with all the frills upon it she'd be the cutest doggy in the Easter parade...

Since we don't have a parade in our area Charli has settled for wearing her bunny ears when we are out and about. When we are in the car people sometimes smile, wave, and even honk their horns. Our little pooch does bring joy to many people. That is the reason why I continue to dress her up. Our son's are always laughing and saying, 'That poor dog!" but even they are amazed at how she doesn't try to take the ears, or her other hats off, but rather sits quietly on my lap enjoying all of the attention she gets.

Some of you have asked what our little glamour queen will be wearing this Easter so I thought I would give you a peek at her outfit. As you can see she is wearing her pink pearls. She received them as a gift when she was just a little puppy from Anne. Charli always wears them on special occasions.

You are unable to see it in the pictures, but Charli's top and hat have the words 'Princess' written on them. Now I ask you how fitting is that! LOL

Here is our little girl all dressed up and ready for Easter.
"Charli are you being shy?"
"What's that Charli?"
"The things I do for love. Where is my basket? You forgot my basket!"
"I didn't forget. I put in a good word to the Easter bunny."
Charli and I hope all of you have a very blessed and special Easter ♥
We also wanted to send very special Easter blessing and greeting to all of the children who stop by to visit here with their parents and grandparents to hear stories and see pictures of Charli ♥ Thank you so much for visitng with us ♥
With warmest regards, Carol
(Parade photo courtesy of

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My very first Cloche party attempt and an Easter Tablescape.....

My very first Cloche party attempt and an Easter tablescape

Although I have shown you this glass container and wreath in a previous post I have never really tried to make an arrangement of my own before. Therefore, I was very excited to learn about the cloche party being held here in blog land on April second. Even though I don't actually own a cloche I thought my glass container would do. After deciding I would join the party I realized it was being held on Good Friday and I typically don't post or use my computer during the holy hours. I will be shutting down my computer on Wednesday evening and I won't be back on it until after Easter.
I will leave the cloche party information on my sidebar though in case any one would still like to participate along with a picture of my arrangement.
My arrangement was actually very simple to make. I just set a ceramic bunny on a styrofoam block in the center of the glass and covered the block with some multicolored Easter grass. Then I added a nest, a few eggs and several jelly beans. I think it turned out rather cute.
Almost everything I used for my Easter tablescape were things I already had. I did purchase the bunny plates on sale at Kroger's. Instead of the usual napkin rings I thought it would be fun to paint wooden flowers and set them on my napkins. After I finished painting the flowers I added a different type of foam art to each one. I think I will be able to find lots of other ways to use these flowers during the spring and summer seasons. The Easter eggs sitting on the table are the ones I painted and decorated last week.

I am getting a lot of use out of my little photo birds. In addition to tablescapes I use them as decorations on my mantel. I recently have been making my own seasonal place cards. Sometimes I will add best wishes, part of a song, or part of a poem to them. After I'm finished I insert them into the clip on the top of the bird instead of using a photo.

This little bunny dish is one of my favorite candy dishes.

I have very old silver candlesticks that I absolutely love. Even though they show a little wear and tear I think they are still beautiful. I use them all of the time. My tea lights are in the shapes of tulips and they look very spring and festive when lit.

Do you remember those little plastic candy baskets that you could get back in the sixties? Well, I just loved them! I used them for so many different things. Unfortunately I don't think any one makes them any more. I found these tea light holders in several different colors at Hallmarks about six years ago. For some reason they remind me of those plastic baskets. In addition to using them as tea lights I also use them as candy baskets.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my arrangement and tablescape.
Now I'm off to make some carrots.
"What about me! Aren't you going to show them my Easter outfit?"
"Oh, that's right, but Charli I thought you didn't like your Easter outfit?"
"Well I do like my dress but I don't think I like my hat."
"Charli you are so fussy!"
I hope all of you have had a good day ♥
Are you all set for Easter? I would love to hear from you.
With warmest regards, Carol

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hollywood Brides Unveiled.......

Hollywood Brides Unveiled

Recently I had the distinct pleasure of seeing an incredible wedding gown exhibit at the Somerset Mall which is located here in our area. The exhibit show cased actual bridal fashions worn in some of the most memorable of Hollywood movies. The collection is owned by a company in London which was founded in 1965 by Oscar winning designer John Bright. This company specializes in original period clothing. Their Bridal Fashion Event is now internationally acclaimed. In addition to the exhibit, Somerset held a runway bridal fashion show and also show cased several examples of wedding inspired tablescapes.

The dresses were all absolutely beautiful! They were just dazzling! On the screen these types of dresses always look lovely but it's very different to be able to see them up close and personal. Most of the dresses are a soft creamy color instead of the white we are more used to seeing. From the beautiful fabrics, to the intricate bead work, the antique lace, the detailed and rich embroidery work, and the tiny delicate flowers made out of the same material as the dress, each and everyone of them was just incredibly stunning. I have never seen anything quite like it.
I have always wondered why more models haven't become actresses and why more actresses haven't become models. Well, now I know. Most of these dresses were made for very petite women with ultra small waist lines.
I could go on and on about these dresses but with out further ado I will give you a sneak peek at the collection. Can you guess which movies these dresses are from? You may click the pictures to enlarge if you like. I think if you do, you will get a much better view of the dresses and also will be able to see which movies each dress is from.

I hope you enjoyed getting a peek
at this marvelous collection.
If the exhibit should happen to come
to your area I do hope you will take
the time to go see it. The dresses
were all just amazingly beautiful!
The day before I saw the collection a women apparently jumped over one of the red side rails and snatched up one of the dresses. She tossed it to a man waiting in the sidelines and then they both ran out of the mall. The dress to date has still not been recovered.
I hope all of you have a happy and beautiful day ♥
With warmest regards, Carol
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