Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An Easter Bonnet Tea..........

An Easter bonnet tea.....

Recently our local museum and historical village hosted an Easter bonnet tea. Loria Hoffman, from 'Hoffman's Millinery Treasures' gave the presentation. Lori now owns two hundred and fifty vintage hats and also has quite a collection of vintage purses. It was such a lovely way to spend an afternoon. As we sipped tea in the quaint little church which is located on the grounds of the village, we enjoyed an incredible fashion show, and heard many stories about the hats from Lori, as well as the historical significance of some of the hats that were displayed. There we many smiles and much laughter shared that afternoon. Lori did a wonderful job. The models did a fantastic job as well. I thought you might like to see some of the hats in Lori's collection so I am sharing a few of the photo's I took here.You may click to enlarge.

I thought all of the hats were quite beautiful! Sometimes I wish I could take a step back into time to where women wore pretty hats like these, had dainty gloves, gorgeous dresses and suits, carried calling cards and delicate purses. I wouldn't mind having a horse and carriage either, but of course I realize I am romanticizing. I know those days were much more difficult for women then they are today, but still, maybe for just a day or even two........
I wish all of you could have come to the tea with me.
I hope you have a beautiful and blessed day ♥
It's foggy here in our area but I have always loved this kind of weather. Charli and I have already been out walking about in our yard this morning.
Warmest regards, Carol


Eileen said...

Oh, Carol, I LOVE THIS POST!! And I feel the same way, I would so love to step back in time! I wish so much that women still 'dressed' for luncheons and for Church! With hats and gloves, and purses and shoes to match!
Oh, to see Easter suits and Easter bonnets again!
You would never know I feel this way to look at me, I practically live in jeans, but given the opportunity, I would change in a heartbeat!
Great post!
Love to you,

Anne said...

Wow. What beautiful hats and purses. I can't choose any that I like the most. There all lovely. I to dream about those times when I could wear one of those poofy dresses. I think that would be in the victoria era. Definately have to have a horse and coach. And sipping on some tea with friends out in the garden. Hmm. So dreamy. Thanks for another great post!

sunshine said...

I'm going to copy Eileen here and say...
"Oh, Carol, I LOVE THIS POST!!!"

I think that my favorite hat is the the one in the 6th picture and the back of the last one. So beautiful!

I too wish that I could step back for a time to those days when ladies were expected to dress up. I'm sure that I have romanticized those days as well but I don't care!

My greatest wish is to travel down to the old South. There is just something about being a "Southern Belle" that calls to me.

Now that I am older and REALLY know what I love, I want to try to live and present myself more like that. I want to be pretty and charming and all of those good things. :) I think that it is all just so lovely.

I really enjoyed this post. I so wish I could have gone to see this with you... :(


♥ Kathy said...

How fun! I would love to do that! All the ladies looked darling in their Easter bonnets!

Rose said...

This is so cool! It brings back memories of my childhood when women still did wear Easter Hats at least to church. A friend and I (the one who has a great talent for decorating and entertaining) put on a ladies tea at my house (we called it a Sister's Tea, as it was ladies from church) and we had them decorate their own hats. She supplied the hats and an assortment of flowers and ribbons. She also had a theme to it all and before it was all over each one had a new "Princess" name (like from the movie of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood). But they got them because as children of God we are His princesses! All the ladies had a wonderful time and did not stop talking about it for a long long time. A few years ago my cousin had done the same thing (although less stuff and the hats were made for us) and I was dubbed "Princess Laughs-a-Lot". (Yes it fits me!) We had a great time then too. I still have my hat from that one. Maybe I'll have to drag it out and put a picture of it on my blog for Easter!

GrandmaK said...

What a delightful post and grand pictures!! Like others today I wish wore hats today...Thank you!!! Cathy

Ann said...

Wow! What a fabelous post, just great seeing those ladies in such elegant hats, all ready for Easter.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

LOVE IT! Anita

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