Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hollywood Brides Unveiled.......

Hollywood Brides Unveiled

Recently I had the distinct pleasure of seeing an incredible wedding gown exhibit at the Somerset Mall which is located here in our area. The exhibit show cased actual bridal fashions worn in some of the most memorable of Hollywood movies. The collection is owned by a company in London which was founded in 1965 by Oscar winning designer John Bright. This company specializes in original period clothing. Their Bridal Fashion Event is now internationally acclaimed. In addition to the exhibit, Somerset held a runway bridal fashion show and also show cased several examples of wedding inspired tablescapes.

The dresses were all absolutely beautiful! They were just dazzling! On the screen these types of dresses always look lovely but it's very different to be able to see them up close and personal. Most of the dresses are a soft creamy color instead of the white we are more used to seeing. From the beautiful fabrics, to the intricate bead work, the antique lace, the detailed and rich embroidery work, and the tiny delicate flowers made out of the same material as the dress, each and everyone of them was just incredibly stunning. I have never seen anything quite like it.
I have always wondered why more models haven't become actresses and why more actresses haven't become models. Well, now I know. Most of these dresses were made for very petite women with ultra small waist lines.
I could go on and on about these dresses but with out further ado I will give you a sneak peek at the collection. Can you guess which movies these dresses are from? You may click the pictures to enlarge if you like. I think if you do, you will get a much better view of the dresses and also will be able to see which movies each dress is from.

I hope you enjoyed getting a peek
at this marvelous collection.
If the exhibit should happen to come
to your area I do hope you will take
the time to go see it. The dresses
were all just amazingly beautiful!
The day before I saw the collection a women apparently jumped over one of the red side rails and snatched up one of the dresses. She tossed it to a man waiting in the sidelines and then they both ran out of the mall. The dress to date has still not been recovered.
I hope all of you have a happy and beautiful day ♥
With warmest regards, Carol


Sue said...

Thank you for all the wonderful pictures. The dresses are wonderful.

Aayden and Aarons Mommy said...

Very pretty grandma!

♥ Kathy said...

Oh they are so pretty!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Carol, these are absolutely stunning and so decadent...right up my alley and perhaps not always a great attitude to take as a believer, but geeze! What's not to love? I DO LOVE THAT CUTE LITTLE EASTER BUNNY WANNABE NAMED CHARLI on your sidebar!!! She made me laugh...I need it right now...I am in tears over my life.

Cass @ That Old House said...

What stunning wedding gowns! Wow.

Vee said...

What a great show that was! I always loved visiting the First Ladies' Inauguration gowns so I know that I would've loved to have been along for this tour as well. In fact, I was! Thank you...

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Thank you, Carol. Anita

Diane said...

Very beautiful pictures thanks for sharing!
I am having a Easter Candy Cup Giveaway.
Stop on by for a chance to win!
Join the Fun

Hugs, Diane

The Muse said...

absolutely the most beautiful images i have seen in quite a while! ....
ooo, like history coming to life :)

Lisa said...

I would have loved to see this with you! So romantic and so pretty!!

fiberdoodles said...

Oh they are just beautiful! Can you imagine wearing them. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

Debbie said...

THose are super! I love vintage and to see gowns like that in person is spectacular! I have the welcome spring banner on my FP...I had to do a double take I thought I was looking at mine LOL!

Eileen said...

Oh, Carol, thanks so much for sharing this! I love these period pieces and if I had to do my wedding all over again I would choose a vintage style wedding! I love them all, and your photos are great, they really show a lot of the beautiful detail! Nice job!
I really loved the bridal table too, it looked like it was dressed in a bride's gown! Great idea for a tablescape.
Thanks for taking us along with you, I really enjoyed this so much!
Love to you,
PS ~ interesting little fact about the 'runaway bride dress'! Tell me if you ever hear that it is found.

limousine hire said...

Incredible gowns..

Madeline's Album said...

I really enjoyed these photos. Have a blessed day. Madeline

GardenofDaisies said...

WOW WOW WOW! Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures on this post! I love period piece movies and seeing these costumes up close through your pictures was amazing!!!!
Also want to say thanks for following my blog. :-)

Wanda said...

The wedding gown display is lovely...their soft off white shades seem more romantic than pure white. I can't imagine someone stealing one!

MyThoughtsMyVoice said...

Hello Carol

HOw have you been? :-)

These gowns are just gorgeous! AAnd yes, I am sure they are even more beautiful to see in person. HOw heavy they must weigh. My faves are those gowns with empire waists :-) They are just lovely , I think.

And the story of snatching a a gown. Really? Kinda like a Bonnie and CLyde partnership there LOL


(love the colors you are getting ready with on the previous post. Definitely perfect for Easter and a welcome for Spring :-) )

Anne said...

These dresses are just gorgeous to say the least. If I had to choose a favorite, I think it would be the one from Tess. But they all are stunning. Thanks for sharing a great post.

Micki said...

Those are incredible gowns..loved seeing them all!

MARIA said...

Thank you so much Carol for those wonderful pictures and great post!
I really enjoy my time!
I have also never seen anything quite like it.

God bless you and your family!

skippinginthemeadow said...

sooooo gorgeous!

Charleybrown said...

Wow! Gorgeous dresses and you have such great pictures of them! Thanks for posting so others could get a close up look at them!

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