Sunday, March 14, 2010

An impromptu get together.......

An impromptu get together

What do you do when you find yourself having a little impromptu get together? I love little imformal get togethers and my motto has always been to make them as simple as possible. Yet, I do want everything to be fresh and delicious. The first thing I will do is head out to one or more of my favorite stores.

Number one on my list of stores is always my favorite fruit market. For this particular get together I bought some cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, a mixture of olives, an aray of cheese, and some thin sliced hard salami.

Next it was off to my very favorite Lebanese restaurant. There I picked up a tub of the best and freshest humus in town. I also got an order of lemon garlic butter. It's my favorite! Then I ordered a dozen Lebanese flat breads hot, fresh, and right out of the oven. This bread is sooo good! It goes well with anything. This restaurant has a big stone oven and when you eat there you can actually watch them make the bread.

Then it was off to the number one bakery in our area, because after all, you cannot have a get together with out dessert. At least I can't :>) This time I chose a speciality cake which happens to also be my favorite. It's called a cassata cake. It's actually a torte with whip cream frosting. The inside of the cake is layered with a cannoli type cream.

When I got home all I had to do was chop up the vegetables, cut up the bread, set everything out on the table, put on the music, open a bottle of wine, put the tea water on, light the candles, and I was all set.

Well, there you have it..... Instant get together with all of the foods my family and friends love.
I hope you are having a lovely day ♥
I will leave you with a quote, "Joy is prayer, joy is strength, joy is love. Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls."
-Mother Teresa-
Isn't that beautiful?
With warmest regards, Carol


The Muse said...

hello carol :)
so happy to see your post pop into my reader...i have put away some (most) of the wedding party decor...
and have seen the youngest man of mine walk into a new stage of his life...
i would love to join you in this impromptu moment :)
do i need to bring anything ?

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dearest Carol and Charli! You two are the best hostesses!!! Lovely food here; I adore hummus and fresh, crunchy vegetables (my favorite is hummus wit raw cauliflower....OMG) and then FRESH FRUITS! We are going to be seeing some farmers' markets pop up soon with this gorgeous weather! Have a blessed week my friend...Anita

GrandmaK said...

Such a delightful environment you provided for your impromptu gathering!!! Wish I could have been there!! Wishing you well! CAthy

Eileen said...

It all sounds delicious!
Most of our get-togethers are impromptu and you've given me some wonderful ideas! Thank you!
I'm sure your family and friends enjoyed it all.
You are lucky to have such great places to shop and eat nearby!
Love to you,

Wanda said...

Wonderful offerings Carol, your friends and family must love it when you have get togethers at your home!

Rose said...

Once again reading your blog has set my mouth to wateriing! The bread reminds me of one I used to buy at a local Italian bakery, but it was Armenian bread... also flat and round, but very delicious! I think I have heard of the cassata cake, maybe even had some but my memory fails me on that detail. I'm sure it's very good too! Lovely picture!

♥ Kathy said...

I can't have a get together without dessert either :) Love the quote ♥

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