Thursday, April 22, 2010

Booking Through Thursday......

I have missed participating in weekly book and literature discussions so I thought I would link back up with Booking Through Thursday today at If you like literature and book discussions and would also like to join in just click on the above link....

This week our questions are as follows.......
"It's Earth Day....What are you reading? Are your reading habits changing for the sake of the environment? What are you doing for the sake of the planet today?"
Actually I just finished reading 'Skeletons at the Feast' written by Chris Bohjalian. I think it relates to Earth Day in that war always causes the destruction of humanity, the environment, and leaves the world as a whole in a very empty place. "Skeletons at the Feast' is a historical novel that takes place in the final months of World War II in Germany. I hope to post a review here on my blog in the up coming weeks. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the preservation of our world, although I have to warn you, it is not a book for the faint of heart.
I feel each of us has a responsibly to stand up for what we believe in, to try to right wrongs as we see them happening around us, and above all, to make informed and independent decisions rather than finding ourselves caught up in popular choices whether it pertains to the environment or any thing else.
Unfortunately my reading habits have not changed for the sake of the environment. I do read the daily paper on line but at this time I just cannot bring myself to consider purchasing something like a Kindle and I don't usually check books out of the library. I know something like that would be a better choice for the environment but I cannot bring myself to part with owning my own books. However, I do loan my books out to friends on a regular basis and I do borrow books from friends.
For the sake of the planet today I try to reuse and recycle as much as possible. We use very little paper products in our home. I use cloth diapers for most of my cleaning and wipe up needs. We use regular plates and glasses instead of paper. However, when we do have a large group of people over we still use paper plates and napkins on occasion. On those occasions I use the more sturdy plastic silverware which I can wash and reuse. I keep the silverware divided by color in zip lock bags in a large basket in my pantry.
Having a computer has eliminated the need for address books and schedule planners. With the sticky note programs available we have almost completely eliminated the need for note pads. We also use the front and back of the paper if we feel the need to print something for our own use. I send most of my letters and notes via e-mail instead of regular mail. Although, I still like to send some notes and most cards through the mail. I am finding it very difficult to part with that concept.
To help preserve our planet we also maintain a flower garden which attracts bumble bee's and butterflies.
Well, those are just a few of the things we are doing to help save the planet here in our home. What are some of the things you are doing for the sake of our planet? I would love to hear from you.
(Special thanks to Barnes and Noble for the use of the book image)
Happy Earth Day everyone! Happy Booking Through Thursday!
I hope all of you have a lovely and blessed day ♥
Charli and I are off to work in the garden.
With warmest regards, Carol



I might have to find time to read that book...

Happy Earth Day to you !

Vee said...

The book looks interesting indeed, but I am a squeamish one. I'll look for your upcoming review.

Your post has me imagining what would happen if we followed "The Green Philosophy" to the tee. I doubt that we'd have many authors after a very short while nor many readers of books not to mention businesses going down the drain and oh my the ripples. Balance in all things seems to work for me.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

The book looks like a good read.
Yes, we all need to rethink how we treat our earth.

Happy Earth day!


Wanda said...

Carol, do you realize that you typed you use 3ply diapers for cleanups, it made me smile.
We try to be green as possible, especially with recycling and repurposing things!

jlshall said...

Working in the garden sounds like a wonderful way to spend Earth Day. Wish I had a garden, too, and no allergies to keep me indoors in the spring!
Happy Earth Day, and I hope Charli is all better now!

Sue said...

I'm like you, I love owning my own books. We actually turned a spare bedroom into a library last year and it's my favorite room.

I do read books from the library. If they are something I want to keep or reread, I'll buy a copy from Amazon.
The ones that aren't something I care much about haven't cost me anything.

I bought Rob a Kindle last year for Christmas and he loves it. If he's up at 2AM and wants to read a certain book he's heard about, it can be his in minutes.

Shelley said...

You do many wonderful things for our planet! I love having a book in hand and I also trade and lend them to family and friends. There's something about curling up in a chair to read a good book. (A kindle doesn't seem like it would have the same effect.) Hope Charli is doing well!
Hugs, Shelley & Scout

♥ Kathy said...

We garden, hang our clothes outside on the line and recycle our aluminum. We never use paper plates or styrofoam cups but do use paper towels...I try to get the recycled ones when I buy them though :)Happy Earth Day Carol ♥ I hope Charli is still feeling better.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I am so late in reading your post, but oh how right you are Carol; we are trying to teach our students about recycling, and they are the new generation that actually reminds us to recycle! It will take generations to see the difference, but if we are all consistent in teaching the new up and coming leaders and adults, I hope we can make a dent in the endeavor to save our God-given home.

Hugs to you and Miss Charli! Anita

Anne said...

That book sounds good. I to am doing some reading on WWII. I to will us the front and back of computer paper if I'm printing something for my use. Happy Earth Day!

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