Friday, May 14, 2010

A birthday tablescape and a little oops......

A birthday tablescape and a little oops.......

Some of you who follow this blog know that I have always liked to have themed parties, or parties that were in some way geared towards our children, grandchildren, and now great grandchildren. I've always thought these types of parties were so much fun and they really do bring out the child in all of us.
Last month, for my hubby's birthday, I was thinking of having a cowboy or spiderman theme but then I saw these little dinosaurs at the dollar store and thought a safari theme would be perfect. The dinosaurs were so cute! They had a little button on their belly and when you pressed it they roared. Charli loved them! She would have really liked to get a hold of one of them to play with but even though the button seemed quite secure I was afraid she might choke on it.

With roaring dinosaurs in the house it only seemed appropriate to have a dinosaur cake. I've always written, or had Happy Birthday Dad, or Grandpa put on my hubby's birthday cakes.

I found some sparkler candles to put on the top of the cake. Everyone really loved those! They looked so festive with the lights turned down.

The only feminine touch to the party was a ribbon wrapped around my cake cutter. A girls has to do what a girl has to do :>)

I took the sweet little rabbit out of my spring center peice, added a couple of dinasours, and the table quickly became prehistoric inspired.

I found some dinasour activity books and favors for Ryan and Ayden. I also found neat safari hats for Grandpa, Ryan, Aayden, and Aaron. Everyone got blowers and dinasour book markers to take home. The book markers are great and were very colorful. My hubby and I are using ours here at home. I think everyone had a great time and especially my husband ♥

This is our lovely granddaughter Jessica with our great grandson's, Aaron and Aayden.

The oops part of the celebration came when two of our sons started teasing me and their father. They made statements like, "Gee dad how does it feel to be a dinasour" and "Mom you must think dad is really old" The more I tried to explain it was a safari party the worse it got and then my hubby got into the act too "Sooo you think I'm an old dinasour do you?" My family just doesn't give it up and especial my hubby. Can you just imagine what life has been like around here lately :>) This teasing went on for several weeks and even included some of our friends.... "I can't believe you threw him a dinosaur party." "No, it wasn't a dinosaur party. It was a safari party!" Next year, God willing, I think I'll stick to my original plan and have a cowboy, or spiderman themed party, but then again, maybe, just maybe, I might throw my hubby an old dinosaur party he'll never forget..... LOL.... What do you think?
The sun is shinning here after many days of rain. Charli and I can't wait to get outside!
I hope all of you have a beautiful day ♥
With warmest regards, Carol


Just a little something from Judy said...

I am thrilled that you shared this creative and artistically done birthday celebration. You did a great job! I like seeing every aspect of the table and cake. I especially liked the hats and the cake. Your granddaughter is beautiful, and those little guys of hers are so cute! Your husband had to feel special with all that you did to celebrate him...even if it was with dinosars:)

Micki said...

What a special birthday celebration for your husband!

fiberdoodles said...

What a fun looking party! I think you did a great job. You're so creative :0)

Shelley said...

You are so creative w/ the party ideas! Your safari decorations were fabulous! I would've been wearing that hat all day! :-)
Your grandchildren are adorable!!

Susie Q said...

This is just wonderful! You are so creative and wow. Your lucky family to be the recipients of all this!
Happy birthday to your husband!! His is close to my Bill's!

Anne said...

I love your Safari/birthday tablescape. It looks so fesitive. I hope you and Charli are enjoying the sunshine. =)

Vee said...

Oh there has got to be a way to get those smart-aleck guys of yours. If I think of something, I'll let you know. :D I was just thinking what a great sport you are to try to go where the kids're a very creative and hip grandmother and great-grandmother!

Madeline's Album said...

I really like your dinosars party(safari Party), Sounds like you all had a great time. Have a blessed evening.

Wanda said...

When your birthday comes around, Carol...what will the theme be? Think of something good before they come up with something as pay back! :)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Carol, that is a HOOT! Wit galore chez toi!!!! That was a perfect bounce back I have to say, "So ya think your husband's a dinosaur?" That was perfect! I so love how you have a theme for your parties. When we entertained a lot, I used to always have of course, French-themed gatherings. You have inspired me to do so again.

I am glad to hear you are having great weather; SO ARE WE and everyone, including the dogs are out. Oh, if you have a chance, come and see my post. I found a picture of a WHITE SCOTTISH TERRIER ( I had never seen one) and our little cairn terrier neighbor, Chester. He is a good little boy. The neighbors across the street have a Schnauzer named Coky and she is a pistol!!!

Bisous dear friend, Anita

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Carol, I think it's all so cute, and I love your table and all the party favor and decorations! It looks like a fun party, and they are getting such a kick out of teasing you, sweet one. That's because they love you so much! :-) But it is funny that dinosaurs were involved. LOL!

Now, if you do cowboys, make sure you give him a white hat so they won't say that you are making him an outlaw!!! ;-)

Glad you had fun. You are so sweet to do this for your DH and family! BTW, I loved the pith helmets you found for party hats... very cool!


Sheila :-)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Carol, you are so creative! Just blow the ol' dinosaur dust off of these cute things and use them again next year. You could have an old as dirt party! Make chocolate ice cream sandwiches and call them mud - or old dirt sandwiches.

I am cracking up at Charli dressed in her finery! Too cute!!!


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