Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We really miss all of you!.....

We really miss all of you!.....

Hello everybody.... It's Charli here. I thought I would play on the computer while my grandma is out planting flowers. I'm not going out there. It's way to hot for me. It's been pretty busy around here and we have been missing all of you. We have been going to parties, back and forth to the store to get garden supplies, and working out in the yard. Well, I haven't been working in the yard but it's a big job keeping those canine boys, Jake and Bo in line. It took them a while to get the fact that this is my block and they just better do what I say. I've got it all under control now. They either run when they see me or walk slowly back up the yard where they belong. My grandma gets a little frustrated with me because she thinks I'm too bossy and boy does she get mad when I howl in the car! Well, I just don't think it's fair that I have to wait in the car while she goes into the nursery. When my grandma isn't running around town, and gardening she has been busy setting up a new site here. She said she needed some where to post a link to her book reviews. Here is the address if you want to check it out She is still going to post everything here on our blog because she says she likes to keep things in one place. Any way it's a long story. I'm sure she will tell you all about it.

"I'm watching you squirrel! You just better not come in my yard!"

My grandma and grandpa even had to tear down a tree because it was interfering with the power lines. They were pretty upset about it. They liked that old tree but Mr. Edison didn't. Oh well, now the lilac bush can grow again. I like lilacs. They smell pretty and they tickle my snoot. I told them I would help take the tree down but they just kept yelling for me to keep away.

It's OK though because I found something to do. Shh.....
I'm graduating this summer with Michael even if my grandma doesn't think so. I like books and I especially like books when my grandma is reading them. I like to snuggle up beside her on the sofa with one of my cozy warm fleece blankets. Sigh...... I'm getting tired just thinking about it..... Sometimes she reads to me out loud so that counts towards graduation right? Besides, I'm already very smart! Believe me, I have my grandma wrapped right around my little paw. I want to graduate so I can have a party like Michael. I want a great big party with a lot of treats and.......
"Charli where are you? What are all of these scraps of material and paper doing on the floor? You better not be getting into any trouble! Are you playing with my computer again?"
Oops Oh, Oh.... I gotta go now."


Madeline's Album said...

Charli looks so cute in her cap and grown,. Sounds like you have been busy out in the yard. I'll be glad when I can get out and do some work in the yard. Have a blessed day. Madeline

The Quintessential Magpie said...

LOL! I love her cap and gown! Where do you find these things, Carol! That is just adorable.


Sheila :-)

MyThoughtsMyVoice said...

Isn't she just adorable! Oh dear Charli, thanks for making me smile today. And you sure look smart with your cap, gown, and books! :-)

Tell your grandma to not forget to take a break and rest from all the "busy-ness"


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Charlie,
YOu are quite talented in writing and expressing your thoughts! YOU HAVE EARNED YOUR DEGREE and you look smashing in your regalia! You must go walk the line and receive your little diploma! And grandma is right; you shouldn't be out in that heat. Stay in and guard the place from the indoors! You are the cutest little dog!!!Anita

Eileen said...

Oh, Carol, this was adorable and I laughed out loud when I got to the picture of Charli with her 'cap and gown'! Too cute! I called my grandson Jayden over and he fell to the floor in a fit of giggles! He said, "I just love that dog!"

Thank you for stopping by and leaving your kind comments. I've been a very bad blogger this month! Jayden was sick for awhile and then we've been very busy around here with parties and projects, just as you are! I see you've been getting lots done amid all your celebrations too!

I'll post my 'May Happenings' in a few days.

Today Ray and I are celebrating our 37th Anniversary and I didn't even do a post! (Shameful!) We didn't do too much as Jayden had half-day school today, so we just picked him up and went out to lunch. It's also our son and daughter-in-law's 8th Anniversary today and they just dropped our granddaughter off and they'll be going to an early dinner and then home to pack for a weekend away while we watch her this evening. It's been a really nice day so far, hot here, but fun with the kids. And now I'm on my way out back to have some fun with them in the sandbox!

I loved your past posts here too, Carol! My best wishes to Michael on his graduation! Such a handsome young man!
And I loved seeing the pictures of your beautiful family!
Happy Belated Birthday to your husband! We've had lots of birthdays this month too! It really is busy being part of a big family, and it really is nice!
Enjoy yours!
Love to you,

Eileen said...

P.S. ~ 'Loved the 'nurse' post too! That was great of them to remember your service!
We have lots of nurses in our family too!

myletterstoemily said...

what a darlin' little dog. she must be
super smart! :)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Carol, that Charli is insisting to go through the line! She even wants to be the keynote speaker! I wouldn't put it past her....where ever did you find this doggy graduation suit??:)


Michael said...

Thanks as always for the smiles ... God Bless you

Anne said...

Cute post. Love the pics of Charli. So sweet.

Anne said...

Loved your new book review blog. It looks nice. I like how you have it all linking back up to your blog here. Have a nice day!

Just a little something from Judy said...

We really miss the two of you too! I know you have been too. Charli, on the last pictures, you are beautiful!

Micki said...

Charli looks so cute in her cap and gown. I don't think I told you...One of our dogs is named Charlie, and I used to have a dog just like your Charli, but ours was named Mitzi.

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