Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Brandenburg Park.....

burg Park

burg Park is a beautiful place to visit and the best part about it is that my hubby and I don't have to take a plane, train, or bus to get there. All we do is hop in the car and after a short drive we are there. The park is situated on seventeen acres and is located on the shore line of Anchor Bay. The park offers many things to do like fishing, picnicking, tennis, volleyball, and concerts on Tuesday evenings. The music for the concerts is sometimes provided by the Tom Allport band which is a sixteen piece "swingin" group that plays a blend of traditional, Latin, jazz, and big band tunes. You can either choose to purchase food and drinks at the concession stand or pack a little picnic basket of your own. There is no swimming at the park but it does have a boat and ski launch. The park also has a five hundred foot pier that you can walk out on and fish off of if you choose to do so. The pier looks just beautiful lit up at night. About the only down side for us is that no dogs are allowed.
We feel very fortunate in that the area where we live has so many wonderful things to offer. Although I have traveled in the past, and most likely will again in the future, it has never really been my cup of tea. I would much rather hang around my own neighborhood doing all of the things I love to do.
One of my favorite things to do at Brandenburg Park, besides watching the boats, and talking to people is sitting back and observing the swans and ducks. I have always been fascinated by them. I think they are such amazing and beautiful creatures. I also love to listen to the water as it laps up against the sea wall on the shore. It is a very peaceful and relaxing place to visit.

Here are a couple of guys we met on a recent visit who are having a great time on Jet Ski's.

At the end of the pier there are benches to sit on. It's a great place to watch the yearly fireworks display.

Oh, oh, what are these? Sometimes the fish flies can be annoying but on most days you will find them hanging on to the posts on the pier and not really bothering anyone.

This swan was very friendly. I think it was looking for a little snack.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing some pictures of one of my favorite places to visit. Brandenburg Park is such a pretty place to spend time in on a lovely spring, summer, or fall day.
I hope all of you are enjoying these beautiful summer days we have been having. I was at Michael's the other day and I am already seeing pumpkins and fall flowers. It won't be long and fall will be here again.
Many blessings to all of you ♥
With warmest regards, Carol


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Goodmorning Carol
Thank you so much for sharing all the beautiful photos... What a relaxing place this seems to be.
Something so serene about being near the water.. I just love swans. This is going to sound odd, but when I was a young child I always wanted to take a ride on a swan. heee...
Yes, you know sometimes the treasured places we find are right in our own backyard. Hugs to Charli
Warm regards,

Happyone :-) said...

What a wonderful place to spend the day. There is something so peaceful about listening to the sound of water.
I think many people travel far from home to see beautiful places not even aware of the beauty so near to them.

Madeline's Album said...

What a beautiful place. Nice and peaceful. Your photos are great. My husband and I have been taking short trips around here in fact today we drove up to Guntersville lake and then stopped at a park in Springville for a picnic. Have a blessed day and continue to enjoy your summer. Madeline

little princess Luna~ said...

a most lovely place~!! my grammy loves ducks and swans. :)

we are totally relaxed after reading your post and looking at your pictures~!


Just a little something from Judy said...

After a really busy day, I find it totally relaxing and calming to visit your blog this evening. Sitting by the water, watching the ducks, visiting with new friends...sounds so good to me. I mus admit though, if I was there I would be on the jetskis. Love to do that! Dad and I did that together and always had a wonderful time. Beautiful post!

Anonymous said...

You are so blessed to be near such a tranquil, peaceful area ~ loved the swans too! Being a midwest gal with only the Mississippi River close by, I enjoyed seeing the photos of your special park along the water's edge

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dearest Carol! Hey, are dogs allowed? Or did our little girl Charli have to stay at home from this fabulous get-away? Any dog get-aways on the list of to-do things this summer? :)

Have a lovely, lovely weekend coming, Anita

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, how pretty! I would love to visit this beautiful spot, Carol! I'm sorry Charli couldn't go, but I'm glad you got to visit. It's lovely


Sheila :-)

Micki said...

What a great spot...It is jusst gorgeous and I enjoyed all of the pics!

Sue said...

It looks like a beautiful, peaceful place to spend a hot summer afternoon.

Rose said...

Carol, I think your local Chamber of Commerce should hire you for their publicity department!! Nice post!!!

Michael said...

Looks lovely.
Thanks for sharing!
God Bless

Anne said...

Wow, this park looks like a nice spot to spend some time at. I can see why you like it. It's so beautiful. I love the pics with the swans. Thanks for sharing!

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