Friday, July 9, 2010

A very new experience........

A very new experience

OK, so I admit it. Unlike some of you gals I have not been in many thrift shops until recently and boy have I been missing out. I always wanted to go but I just never found the time. It seemed like the few places I had been to never really had anything I wanted. That was until I went to 'Silver Quill Antiques and Gifts' that is. I could have spent hours in that store. I had heard about the store from several friends years ago and I have always wanted to go there. About a month ago I took it upon myself to pack up Charli and go. Now I am on a hunt for other thrift and antique shops similar to this one in my area. I have provided a link here so you will be able to see for yourself what kinds of items they offer

I have to say it was a very interesting and unique experience. They had so many beautiful things to choose from. Since visiting this shop I have been to several others and have found myself some lovely things. Would you like to see what I purchased? Well, here are a few of my pretty new items or should I say old? Which ever way one looks at it I absolutely love them!

Originally I went to the store looking for a bell. Oh my, they had so many bells I couldn't decide which one to get so I eventually settled on two. These bells were only three dollars a piece! Now, I know they aren't in the same league of crystal as Waterford is but who cares. I have to say I actually liked these bells better. They seemed to have a more delightful ring to them. The Waterford crystal bells in the store were only eighteen dollars a piece which I thought was also a very resonable price. In addition to the bells, I found a hand made embroidered table scarf and several doilies. The table scarf was one dollar and the smaller doilies were fifty cents each. I think they are all just beautiful! I was trilled and I will be using the larger scarf as a table runner the very next time I serve tea to guests.

I fell in love with the one bell because of the lady embossed and sketched on the outside. If anyone knows the history of this bell please let me know. I love the other bell because of it's sparkle and the ability to add different types of ribbon to the handle. I'm thinking every holiday season of adding a festive ribbon :>) Which one do you like best? I would really like to hear from you.

Anne always rings her bell when it's tea time and I find myself doing the very same thing now. In fact, I will probably never set a tea table again that doesn't include a bell of some kind. Charli loves the fact that I ring a bell when it's tea time because she has already figured out that she can expect a little treat of some kind.
Well, I have to go set my tea table now because I am indeed having three very special quests over today.
Ring, a ding, a ding, tea time!!
I hope all of you are having a truly wonderful day ♥
With warmest regards, Carol



have a wonderful tea !

Stella said...

What delightful finds. So glad you discover thrifting. I favor the bell with the lady. Of course red is my favorite color so that may have swayed me.

Thanks so much for coming by to visit and leaving a comment. Do come again. Stella

sunshine said...

What a wonderful idea! Now I want a bell!
My favourite one is the one with the lady on it for sure!

I only recently discovered thrift shops as well. Aren't they fun!?


JG said...

Both bells are so pretty!

I like history, so the bell with the lady is my favorite.

Maggie Mae said...

Every thing looks so nice theres but my mom would never lets me go into a shop like that.... :)

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

GrandmaK said...

Lovely bells. I actually work at a thrift shop manage by our parish, Mother Teresa's Treasures. And indeed on any given day some really grand things come in! Enjoy! Cathy

Sue said...

I always thought collecting bells would be a neat hobby. I started giving one to my sister for each holiday, but I don't think she was much interested. If I didn't already collect so many other things, I'd start with bells myself.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Bells are a perfect collectible, Carol, and I'm so glad you have found a treasure trove hunting ground. :-)

It's fun, isn't it?


Sheila :-)

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Hi Carol

What a fun day... I have a thrift shop in town I visit, and a few antique shops... I often wonder what the people were like that owned some of the finds... I am sure there is alot of history behind them..
I think my favorite bell would be the one with the lady... Although they are both beautiful..

How funny... I can just see Charli running in for her treat when she hears that bell.
Enjoy your evening

little princess Luna~ said...

thrifts shops are ALWAYS fun--my mummy loves them~! you never know what you might find. ;)


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

This is so darling, Carol! A BELL FOR TEA TIME! Now, I need a bell, since we have tea every night, come rain or shine, hot weather or cold! And I bet Charli just waits and listens for that bell! Oh dearest, thrift store hunting is so much fun!


Madeline's Album said...

Your finds at the thrift store are great. I used to collect bells but sold most of them expect the ones my family and friends gave me. I like the two you found, both are beautiful. Have a blessed day. Madeline

Happyone :-) said...

I saw one of your comments on Vee's Blog and came over for a visit. I have enjoyed reading your blog. :-)
Both of your bells are beautiful, but I like the first one best.

Micki said...

I have several crystal bells and I love them. You had some lovely finds.

Just a little something from Judy said...

I am excited to have you join us in our antique and flea market experiences. Now you know why we are so thrilled by our finds. Your finds are beautiful. I know without a doubt, that anyone would be so eager to come to your tea table if they heard your bell. I like that idea. Thank you for sharing this fun find with us.

Angela said...

Oh, I'm so loving the one with the red on it..just gorgeous. You do know that now that you have started, you will be totally hooked..Thrift stores are SOOOOOOOOOO awesome!!

Vee said...

Oh the thrifting bug has bitten and you'll never be the same again! I love your bells and your favorite is mine, too, for the same reasons. She's a lovely lady. Enjoy this new experience and infect all your friends and family with the bug, too. Shopping with a companion is ever so much more fun in these places.

Michael said...

What a great find! I vote for the bell with the red on it. Enjoy your "new" tea times!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good evening dearest Carol and Charli!!! Thank you Carol for coming by to take a sneak peak at what is ahead for the rest of the summer! Barring any unforseen problems, we should be to our ears in construction sounds and sites for the rest of the summer!!! Have a lovely, wonderful evening! Anita

Queenie said...

Oh I am so glad you got to go the thrift store...what fun! Love those finds you came home with. I love anything embroidered...and those runners and cloths you found are so pretty, along with the bells too...what a sweet idea to put a different colored ribbon around it as the seasons or holidays change! Great idea :)
Tell Charli that she's looking smashing standing in the her chair...down in the post below...and I'm glad to know she's stayin' cool too :)

Before I forget....that is wonderful surprise you found in the's always fun to get something in the mail isn't it?!
Well, I Hope you and Charli have a wonderful week!
Big Hugs,

Queenie said...

P.S. I love your new blog dress and banner! :)

Anne said...

I love all of your thrifty finds. I think I like the bell with the lady on it the best because it's so unique. I have yet to see one like it. I love doilies and dresser scarves and the ones you chose are just lovely. Have a nice evening.

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