Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Home made dog biscuits!.......

Home made dog biscuits!

When Ryan and I went to the 'Designer Dog House' exhibit at Somerset Mall, here in our area, we made two donations, and purchased the plans to build a dog house for Charli and Peeper. Ha, like either of these little diva's would spend even one minute in a dog house! Unless of course, the dog house was custom built to sit in the living room window where both of these little pooches spend most of they're day. I'm sure the dog house would have to include picture windows on all four sides so they wouldn't miss a thing going on in the neighborhood.
All of the proceeds from the bags went to a local pet adoption agency so we thought it was a good cause. Ryan and I really didn't want to build the dog houses but the bags also included other goodies like a dog bone cookie cutter and cookie dough mix to make home made dog biscuits. We thought Peeper and Charli might really like those.
Ryan wanted to make sure you were able to see the front and the back of the bags so I took a picture of the bags while we were at the mall LOL I did think they were nicely put together.

Several days ago I baked Charli her biscuits and she absolutely loved them! She liked them so much in fact that I think she has the idea in her head that she will have nothing but home made dog biscuits from now on. Ha!
Usually when I ask Charli if she would like a treat she slowly walks over to where I'm standing, sniffs the treat, and then might, or might not take it depending on her mood. Now when I ask her if she would like a treat she runs over to the refrigerator and twirls around in circles.
After I finished baking the biscuits and saw how much she liked them I packed them in individual zip lock bags and froze them in the freezer. Charli knows exactly where they are. I think I now have a bargining chip when I want her to do something she doesn't want to do.

If that pooch thinks I'm making her home made dog biscuits all the time she is wrong! Well, maybe for Christmas since she likes them so much :>)
Have you eve made your little pooch home made dog biscuits? I would love to hear from you.
I hope all of you are enjoying these last days of summer. It's been very hot here with high humidity which makes it difficult to get out and do much, unless it's early in the morning, or late at night. Instead, I have been catching up on other projects and going to air conditioned places. It seems like this has been one of the busiest summers that I can remember or maybe it's just that I'm getting older:>)
I hope all of you have a lovely and blessed day ♥
With warmest regards, Carol


Channon said...

Love the bags. I keep promising Sissy I'll make homemade treats she can eat... maybe this long weekend?

Vee said...

Those bags are sweet. Yes, I made my grandpuggy some homemade dog biscuits for Christmas one year. He twirls for anything so I don't really know if he liked them liked them. I think that they had peanut butter in them, too. Did yours?

Madeline's Album said...

No I have not made homemade dog biscuits for the simple reason I have no dogs. I know Charli really enjoyed hers she will be spoiled and will want more. Thank you for your visit to my blog and your very kind comment. Have a blessed day. Madeline

Sue said...

My whole pack thinks homemade cookies are the very best kind. They sit right there and watch me make them.

Just a little something from Judy said...

Just think if all dogs and children were treated as lovingly and in such a caring manner as your little Charli, what a special world this would be. I like how she lets you know her hurt by the twirls in front of the refrigerator. So cute. I can't help think she might get more biscuits before Christmas. My good friend makes biscuits for her dog every Christmas.

My summer has been so busy too. Not sure what to attribute this too except I am getting older too.

George the Lad said...

Oh yes, mom makes me home made biscuits from a cookbook called
MacPherson's K-9 Cookbook
Easy-to-Make Dog Bisuit Recipes it came with three sizes of cutters in the shape of bones.
My Favorites are
Spot's Golden Cheese Dreams
Roadhouse Munchies
Over the Rainbow Treats.
Mom says if you would like the recipes for these just send her an email, her email address is on the side of me blog.
Charli I'm trying me best to get your mom to make some treats for yea. If I was you, stand your ground on this one :)
See Yea George xxx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Carol, this is all so fund and magical....do build the house and put it in the living room!!! It will add even more charm to your already lovely home! AND THE BISCUITS....HOW FUN IS THAT and probably very delicious for Charli!!!! Very sweet dearest! Anita

jen said...

Those biscuits look mighty good!

Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

I have never made dog treats for my pocket poochie. I know he would love them though!

Patti said...

I just love Charli stories. She is adorable.

I had to laugh about the sniffing of the cookie, then deciding whether she wants it or not. Having a mini schnauzer myself, I know the very facial expression she has. Liesl will do the same thing then turn her head like she is bored, then look up at me like, "What else do you got?" LOL

I am glad that Charli likes her cookies. She is a schnauzer and as such she is entitled to be served at the level she expects and knows she deserves. LOL

Please give her scratches behind the ears for us.

Patti (and Liesl)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh how neat, Carol... Charli is no 'fool'... ha ha... She knows the good stuff from the other stuff.... Would you like a homemade chocolate chip cook over a store-bought one??? I think SO..... Good for Charli!!!!! Bet she gets more 'special' treats before Christmas...How 'bout Halloween? Thanksgiving???? ha ha

Cute post, Carol..... Charli's not too spoiled is she???

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