Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A good bye for now......

A good bye for now....

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this post but I feel some of you may wonder where I am, why I haven't been posting, or writing comments on your blogs.

As some of you already know I retired some what early from my nursing career. I don't think I ever mentioned it here but one of the reasons was my eye site. By the age of forty seven I had already had bilateral cataract surgery. Even though I was able to work another twelve years I was constantly plagued with headaches, eye strain, then a vitreous detachment, and an onset of macular degeneration that made it increasingly difficult to see and especially under the fluorescent lighting.

After retiring I seemed to do better in the natural environment of my home but lighting has always been an issue. This past year it has been increasing difficult to remain at my computer for long periods or read books like I used to do. I have noticed my posts here on my blog have become more sporadic and I have gotten behind in answering e-mails and the wonderful comments I received here. It has made me feel like a very uncaring and slacker blogger as I have tried to keep up. I have had many things I wanted to share with you but I found I was having to put it off because of the eye strain. I would sometimes start a post and not be able to finish until the holiday was over like the little Christmas spiders I wanted to tell you about.

The week before Christmas I was diagnosed with an ocular retinal hemorrhage. Since then I have been running around getting tests trying to find out the cause. Luckily it is stabilized. There is talk of a laser treatment or other procedures that may help but until this is resolved, and I have less eye stain, I feel I have to close my blog. That doesn't mean that I won't be by to visit you though, or that I won't be back here on my blog sometime in the future, or even that I won't leave an occasional comment on yours, but I may have to be one of those anonymous blogger's for a while:>)

In the mean time, I wish all of you every happiness and blessing possible as we begin this New Year ♥
With warmest regards, Carol

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