Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hello everybody, remember me?

Hello everybody, remember me?
I'm Charli! I just had to come by and say hello to everyone. I really, really miss all of you ♥ I hope all of you are having a great summer!
Summer got off to a rough start for me but now I spend my mornings and evening laying out in the sun. I don't go out during the day because it's been to hot.
I've been trying very hard to stay out of trouble because it seems like I've gotten into quite a bit of it lately. It all started when my grandma and grandpa decided to do some painting in the house. First, I accidentally stuck my paws in the paint which wasn't good. Especially since we have hardwood floors but with a little scrubbing it all worked out. To this day I don't understand what the fuss was about. All I wanted to do was help.
It seemed to me that every day all my grandma and grandpa did was paint, tape, and paint some more. No one wanted to play with me so after a couple of days I got bored and decided to run away. Well, I wasn't really running away. I was just trying to get them to play with me. This is what I did. I would wait until the door or the gate was opened and I'd scoot out between their feet. Then I would take off running and I would run for blocks! Of course I was always watching to make sure they were coming after me because I sure didn't want to get lost. It was so much fun! I would wait until my grandma and grandpa got a couple of feet away from me and then I
would take off again. I ran all over our neighborhood. One day I almost made it to the park! Cars stopped, and people tried to catch me, but they couldn't do it because I can run faster than anyone on this planet! When I got tired I would just sit down in the middle of the street and let my grandma pick me up. She says I'm going to be the death of her, what ever that means. Now I'm not allowed to go any where near the door or gate.
Then our neighbor's had a party and I crashed it! Yes I did! I found a little hole under the fence and I slid right through. It was great! Everyone was chasing me all over the place. I really like to run, and jump, and play. Finally they just gave up and said I could stay. Oh boy, it's been a great summer!

I really like being outside and especially after that cold and snowy winter we had. Yuk! I don't like snow at all!  Well, I better get going before I will get caught on the computer. I think I'll go outside and try to find me a squirrel to chase.
Take care everyone!
Love, Charli


Sue said...

Oh Charli, we can't believe that you've been so naughty. Don't you know that a little girl like you could get hurt running around the neighborhood? Be very careful! We miss you.
Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

Neabear said...

Charlie! You need to stop wearing out your Grandma! From now on I hope you will be good. Makes things so much easier that way....I know....not as much fun that way...


Neabear said...

Carol, I just read back a couple of posts and did not realize you had so much trouble. I hope that you are doing much better.

Take care,


Margie said...

Charlie you are naughty and a little cheeky, keep out of trouble now! Hope all improving now. Missed you lots. Hugs, Margie.

Rose said...

Hey Charli, nice to see you back and doing so well, sort of... lol.... stay out of trouble though!
Rose and MaggieMae

Happy@Home said...

Oh, Charli (& me), it is so good to hear from you. It sounds like you have been a busy little doggy this summer and you're having an awful lot of fun. I hope you don't run away any more. I wouldn't want you to get lost or harmed in any way.
Give your grandma a big kiss and tell her we miss her out here in blogland.

SissySees said...

Wonderful to hear from you! Fun to hear about your terrier pursuits, but they do scare the humans who love you...

Madeline's Album said...

Hi Charli, tell Carol I miss her and that I hope she is much better. Sounds like she has been busy this summer and so have you you naughty dog. Tell her to have a blessed day and you, Charli, behave yourself. Madeline

Knitty said...

Charli! And Grandma!! My goodness, how the two of you have been missed!

Charli, it is ok to let your imagination roam, but your little feet need to stay in your own house and yard. Your adventures have us all gasping, and not in a good way.

Carol, I hope things are better for you and you can write more often again. You really have been missed.

Best wishes always...

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

awwwwwwwww, my dear little Charli!
What a summer you have had.. You little scamp, you have been into alot of trouble running outside... I am happy to hear you made it home safe... You look so happy laying there on the grass... So happy to see you here... Give mom a big hug!

George the Lad said...

Way to go Charli, great to hear from you, looks like you have been keeping grandma on her toes lol.
I do miss you, but its good to know you are all OK.
Have a Good week
See Yea George xxx

Jerelene said...

I'm so glad to see you!! And Charli looks pretty as ever :)
Hope you are able to stay cool where you's been SO hot here:(
Please take care...and I really hope to see more of both of you ;)
Love and Blessings, Jerelene

Michael said...

So nice to hear from you Carol. Hope you are doing better.
God bless!

Cassy said...

Hi Charli, nice meeting you.

have a happy sunday!

Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Just a little something from Judy said...

I am so excited to discover that you are back in blogland. I really missed you and Charli. I often wondered how you both were, and I sure hope you are doing well. So good to hear from you both again.

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