Tuesday, September 27, 2011

'Meet Me in Saint Louis'

'Meet Me In Saint Louis'
Recently my hubby and I had the opportunity to see the stage play 'Meet Me in Saint Louis' at the Baldwin Theater, in the city of Royal Oak, near our home. For me there is just no comparison between a movie and a stage production, especially with an orchestra. However, I do own that wonderful old movie 'Meet Me in Saint Louis' which starred Judy Garland. I have watched it many times and I wouldn't part with it for anything in the world. Wasn't Judy Garland great?
I really love period plays, films, and books. If I could somehow transport myself to a simpler time in history I would do it in a heart beat.
The minute I saw the trolley car roll across the stage at the Baldwin I knew I was hooked. Much to my hubby's dismay, because truthfully I can't sing, I've been walking around our house singing the songs featured in the play for days. I just can't seem to get the lyrics out of my head! Don't you just love those old lyrics like.....
"Meet me in st Louis, Louis,
Meet me at the fair.
Don't tell me the lights are shining
any place but there;
We will dance the Hoochee Koochee.
I will be your tootsie wootsie,
If you will meet me in St. Louis, Louis,
Meet me at the fair."
Oh what about this one....
"Clang, clang, clang
went the trolley
ding, ding, ding
went the bell
zing, zing, zing went my heart strings
from the moment
I saw him I fell"
I sigh just thinking about the play and all those wonderful old songs.
Oh dear! Where ever you are I hope you can't hear me singing LOL
I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the pictures that Stagecrafters posted on they're facebook home page. Thank you for sharing stagecrafters! We really enjoyed the play! The set and the costumes were absolutely wonderful!

Charli, of course, could not come to the play with us. She was a little disgruntled when we first got back home but belly rubs seem to always do the trick.
I hope all of you are having a great week!
With warmest regards, Carol
"The day was bright
the air was sweet
the smell of honeysuckle
charmed me off my feet
I tried to sing
but couldn't squeak
in fact, I felt so good
I couldn't even speak
Clang, clang, clang went the trolley"

Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Let's Go Blue!"

"Let's Go Blue!"
I don't know about where you live but here in Michigan we just love our football! Of course we like pro football, but college football, at least as far as I'm concerned, is the best! I've been a U of M fan since I was a little girl. It is most likely due to the fact that my father grew up in Ann Arbor and later my brother attended the University of Michigan.
On any given Saturday in the fall some one in our family is usually hosting a U of M football party. It's not just our family who loves U of M football though. There are many people in our area who feel the same way we do and believe me some of them go all out. I thought you might like to see some of the pictures that have been posted on the U of M Football web site.

Charli, do you know anything about how your picture got on my post?

"Well I just wanted to say I love U of M football too and especially the intermissions. Bring on the food granny!"
I hope all of you are doing well and that you have a wonderful weekend.♥ Let's go blue!
With warmest regards,Carol

Monday, September 12, 2011

Bubble Tea......

Bubble Tea....
I had never heard, much less tried Bubble Tea, until a few months ago when my great niece Rachel mentioned having some. Since speaking to my niece I have found out that Bubble Tea is becoming quite popular here in the United States. You can even order Bubble Tea charms that come in a variety of colors. I have provided a link here in case anyone is interested.
There is also a special Bubble Tea day celebrated here in the states.
Bubble Tea, which is also known as Pearl Milk, originated in Taiwan in the 1980's. It started as a childhood drink that was sold at stands outside of schools. The recipes for the tea vary, but most have a tea base, milk, ice, fruit or fruit syrup, and Tapioca starch called pearls.
The tea is sipped through a large straw which causes the pearls to float about in the cup. At times the pearls come up through the straw and taste like gummy candy. Children seem to especially enjoy this.
After speaking to my niece I knew I wanted to try Bubble Tea myself so one lazy Sunday afternoon Charli and I headed over to one of the Bubble Tea stores in our area.
I couldn't believe all of the different kinds of tea and flavors to choose from! The gentleman at the service counter was very helpful and he let me try different samples of the tea. I eventually settled on a strawberry flavored Bubble Tea.

The gentleman was just beginning to demonstrate and explain the process of making the tea when a woman walked into the store. She was upset because someone had left this POOR little puppy in a car all alone. She said she was sure something was wrong with the dog because of the way it was carrying on. When I asked her if the dog in question happened to be gray and have big ears she said yes. I explained to the woman that the dog was mine and this is what she does if she is left alone for even a minute. She howls and bays until I come and get her. Needless to say I left the store and noted Charli had already acquired another audience in the form of a little boy and his dad.
There she was, barking and howling! My little rascal! What a stinker she is! When I walked up to the car she refused to look at me she was so mad. Charli, Charli, what am I ever going to do with you???
The Bubble Tea was quite interesting and delicious. It was very sweet and unusual tasting.
Even though I liked it, in the end, I think I will stick to my Starbucks frappuccino if I'm in the mood to splurge on extra calories. I just love the coconut mocha! I justify having it by omitting the whip cream and ordering it with skim milk instead of whole.
What about you? Have you tried Bubble Tea? If you so did you like it? Or are you a Starbucks fan like me?
I hope all of you have a great week! Charli and I will be out and about enjoying our wonderful weather.

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