Friday, October 21, 2011

The Historical Town of Northville

The Historical Town of Northville
Not far from where we live is the historical town of Northville. It is a quaint little town with it's Victorian lamp posts, brick walkways, and buildings that date back to the eighteen hundreds. As one who loves and appreciates architecture I was intrigued with this amazing place and all of it's warm charm.
The people of Northville host many events. We happened to be there for the Victorian Festival which is held annually. It is a three day affair which begins with a parade on Friday night. All of the people involved with the festival dress up in Victorian clothing. All kinds of activities go on in the town square during the festival including face painting, carriage rides, magic shows, and live music. I have included a link here so you can have a listen to some of the music yourself 
One of the things that struck me about the town is how dog friendly it was. There were water bowels outside of almost all of the establishments. In talking to the town's people, they say they love to bring they're furry friends to the town for strolls on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.
Do you see the Airedale terrier in the picture below? Doesn't he remind you of someone we love? He looks just like our bloggy friend George. Sorry George but there aren't many steps for you to climb here.
The other things that I loved about the town, besides it's historical significance, was it's occupation by fairies. Yes, you read right! It is unknown how the fairies happened to come to Northville but evidence of them started to appear on the streets and in the stores sometime in the mid eighties. Some people think the fairies may have sent out scouts to local cities and found they would be most comfortable living in the town of Northville. Other people say it's the fact that the children here are so kind and fun loving that has drawn them to the city. Fairies make themselves known by the tiny doorways that are tucked inside and outside of the stores.
The town's people celebrate the fact that these fairies have invaded they're town and hearts by hosting all kinds of fairy events such as fairy teas and fairy scavenger hunts. There are establishments where you can buy fairy attire, books, and posters. You can also purchase or actually create your own fairy doors.
 The stores have unusual names like '141 E. Main, The Next Chapter Fairy Tales Book Store, Proprietor: Mother Goosewing' and ' 104 E. Main, Cobbler's Corner Fairy Walk-in Wing Repair Clinic, Dr. Orville Flywright.'
There is also a roaming troll in the town that everyone is alerted to beware of. It is said that he moves his place of residence all of the time and everyone is supposed to find him before he finds them. It's fun for children of all ages to try to find out where this troll is located on any given day. Humm, I wonder where he could be? Although we found a troll we didn't actually find his house which could be a very good reason for us to visit this whimsical little town again.
 I hope you enjoyed hearing about the town of Northville. I'm wondering if you might have a similar town in the area where you live. If so, I would love to hear from you.
We are in the process of painting our living room. We have two more rooms to go and we will be done with our house. We have learned to spread out the work a little bit so as not to become overwhelmed. Still, it's quite a big undertaking! It doesn't help that our little Charli is so anxious. She doesn't like anything in her world out of sink, and believe me, she let's us know about it.
I hope all of you are doing well. Can you believe Halloween is right around the corner? Many blessing to all of you ♥
With warmest regards, Carol

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Boards
I wonder how many of you have a bulletin board? It's something I have always wanted to have. The problem for me is that there was never really any where to put one. I think every wall in my home is taken up with art of some kind.
What I really would have liked to do is purchase one of those French easels with a drawer that I could keep my tacks and stickers in. I could have either used a cork board or even a canvas as the actual bulletin board itself but unfortunately my office area is just to small. It would have been more expensive to purchase the easel but it could have become a piece of art in itself.
I thought about getting some cork and placing it in a gilded frame. I may just do that it if turns out that I enjoy my bulletin board as much as I think I will.
 Ultimately I have found a bulletin board I like at least for now. I decided to place it on the back of my office door. My hubby built special brackets and padded it so I don't have to worry about scratches. I'm just beginning to decorate it now. Would you like to take a peek?
My hubby says I don't need another calendar but I keep reminding him that I do. It's perfect because I know the date at a glance and I don't have to keep fooling around with my computer.
Charli is wondering where her picture is. "Don't worry Charli it will be up there before you know it."
If you have a bulletin board, what kinds of things to you like to keep on it? I think I will post something I'm grateful for every day.
I hope all of you are having a lovely day ♥
With warmest regards, Carol

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sour Cream Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Sour Cream Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting and Coconut
Anyone who has followed this blog in the past knows that one of our family traditions is to make 'Happy Face' cupcakes every Halloween. I don't know how or why the tradition got started but my mother made them every year at Halloween for our family and school events. I carried on the tradition after I married and I wouldn't have it any other way.
However, if I wasn't making 'Happy Face' cupcakes I would certainly be making Sour Cream Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting and Coconut. I love coconut and these cupcakes are delicious! I found the recipe one day while surfing the Internet. I thought I would pass it along to any coconut lovers out there like myself. I think they would look fabulous all decked out for Halloween. What do you think?
The recipe and the link is as follows. Special thanks to the author of the blog for sharing this great recipe.
If you try them I hope you enjoy them as much as our family did. I made them for our son Kurt's Air Show party this summer and they were definitely a hit!
I hope all of you are having a wonderful week!
With warmest regards, Carol

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