Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Day.......

Thanksgiving Day.....
Thanksgiving is over and it was a huge success. We had a wonderful day and I hope all of you did as well.
This year I decided to try to make a turkey cheese ball like the ones I have seen here on the Internet. I know, I know, I can hear you chuckling, but the grands really liked him, and besides, he tasted good. I suppose he would have looked more authentic had I rolled him in some kind of nuts but I decided to use Colby Jack instead.
The ingredients for the cheese ball was really very simple.
I used three packages of cream cheese
One package of Original Buttermilk Ranch Dressing
A little ground pepper
A pinch of salt
Chopped green onions and celery. I loaded my cheese ball up with he two of these.
I think he turned out rather well for my first attempt. I can tell you this. He sure didn't last long.
I didn't get a chance to share the littlest grands table scape with you so I thought I would do it now. As you can see Thanksgiving at our house is all about the turkey's. Chocolate turkey's that is. Usually these turkey's are taken home to be eaten on another day or later in the evening.
I like to use a punch bowl as the grands centerpiece. I was going to wrap a ribbon around the bowl but instead I filled the bottom bowl with a wreath of fall foliage and placed foiled turkey's along the sides. I like to use a punch bowl because it keeps everything contained at the table and eliminates parents having to run around finding cups and getting drinks. Our grandchildren have never bothered with the punch bowl and always wait to be served. I can see where it might present a problem with some toddlers though. I guess I've always been very fortunate in that area.
The punch bowl can be filled with colored milk (In this case orange would have been nice) or a fancy ice cream or sherbet drink. In this case, with parental permission of course, I simply filled the bowl with ice and Orange Crush pop. It looked very festive, and because our grands don't get pop very often, it was considered a special treat.
Of course Charli was right in the mix of everything going on during our Thanksgiving festivities. She had a great time playing with the grands, and her two best furry pals, Sophie and Peeper. She has been one tuckered out pooch as you can see from the picture below but I suspect today she will be back to her old shenanigans.
I think the highlight of our Thanksgiving celebration was when everyone gathered around for our pre dinner prayer. I asked if anyone would like to say grace this year and our five year old great grandson Aayden popped up and said he would like to do it. Then with a very serious, boisterous voice and a huge smile on his face, he nodded his head, and said, "Grace." It was priceless! Children always bring such joy to the holidays don't they? Aayden created a memory that our family will cherish and talk about for years to come.
As I imagine it is in your home, this week is all about putting up the Christmas decorations at our house. I can't wait to get a peak at your Christmas decorations so I hope you will post.
What ever it is your doing, I hope all of you have a lovely week.
Many blessings to all of you ♥
With warmest regards, Carol


Vee said...

That cheese ball looks great and I can see why he was a big hit with the grands. Yes, grands do add a lot of joy! I love how kids think!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Carol
Aaydan's comment was priceless! I can just see him at the table.. Well, that is what he was asked, right? Does anyone want to say grace... How funny.. Children are such a blessings.
I love your TURKEY CHEESBALL! It's great... I am so happy to hear you had a joyful Thanksgiving.
As did I.

SissySees said...

I think that turkey cheeseball is darling! I want to make one next year...

Madeline's Album said...

What a wonderful post. The cheese ball was really cute I can see why it did not last long. The children's table was decorated so beautiful. Aaydens response to saying grace was priceless. You always have a wonderful time with your family. Our thanksgiving was enjoyable but I did not have has many family members as I usual do but we did have a good time. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

JG said...

What a cute cheeseball turkey! That is clever rolling him in Colby Jack cheese. After dinner Thomas the Train + friends rolled around the edge of our dinner table. So FUN for all of us! :)

Eileen said...

I like your turkey cheese ball! He's so cute! And I'm going to try him next year.
And I loved your Thanksgiving table too and I'm happy to hear that you had an enjoyable day!
And thank you for stopping by, it meant so much to me.

I tried a few new recipes this year, and some of mine didn't look very nice, but they tasted good anyway!

'Hoping to be here more often now!
Love to you, Eileen

Marina said...

Hi Carol! How I love reading your blog and seeing your pictures! You are really creative and so positive. Pop in my blog and there is a reward waiting for you :-)

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