Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A gingerbread house and a lovely award....

A gingerbread house and a lovely award...
I have always wanted to make a gingerbread house. I think they are so charming and whimsical. I love that slight whiff of ginger you sometimes get when passing by one of these adorable houses.
Occasionally my mother would have a gingerbread house during the Christmas season. She never made the houses herself because she was very busy baking and decorating the thousands of cookies she gave out as gifts to us, our family, and all of our friends. I'm not quite sure where my mother got her gingerbread houses from but one thing I do know is that she and I especially loved them.
A couple of years ago my dear DIL Anne and our grandson Ryan made a gingerbread house that turned out beautifully. I again vowed that I would make one myself but things got in the way as they sometimes do.
Over the weekend our nieces, Cyndie and Dawn, posted a picture on Facebook of their lovely little gingerbread house. When I wrote to ask if it was difficult to make Cyndie said it was very easy and fun to do. She said they had purchased the gingerbread kit at Target.
Yesterday my hubby and I went over to Target to pick one up. They were relatively inexpensive. I cheated because I found a kit that already had the sides and roof of the house attached. I also found some gingerbread cookies that were already pre made and ready to decorate. In that kit there was even a gingerbread dog! Well, need I say more LOL
The gingerbread house really was easy and fun to decorate. It would be a great project to do with children. The kit comes with everything you need to decorate your house, but in addition to the items in the kit, I used marshmallows, M & M's, and other things I  had in my home.
I used cotton balls to make snow. I just tore them apart and glued them with frosting to prevent them from moving around. The gingerbread dog fell into the cotton a couple of times as I was trying to attach it with frosting to the base. That's why he looks a little tattered.The snowman sitting on the base of the house is actually a gift tag I picked up at the store. To hide the hole in the center of the hat I just added frosting and let it drip down the sides of the hat and the snowman's body to look like ice cycles or clumps of falling snow. Lastly I added artificial trees from my snow village and ceramic snowmen to create a winter scene. I think it looks rather festive sitting on our china cabinet. What about you? Have you ever made a gingerbread house? I think I have started a new tradition here at our house.
One other thing I wanted to share with all of you is the lovely award I received from my new friend Marina. Thank you so much for thinking of me Marina. I was deeply touched ♥ Marina lives in Russia and has a truly beautiful blog. She enjoys embroidery and cooking. Her blog is very inspiring and I hope you will take the time to visit her at http://marinalikeyou.blogspot.com/
I would love for all of you who follow this blog to accept this award from me. You are such a lovely group and all of you deserve this sweet award for all of the love and inspiration you continue to bring to this blog world of ours.
Christmas is upon us! There is so much I wanted to post here but it seems like time is just swirling by. I hope and pray that all of you are experiencing the wonderful joy, spirit, and renewal that the Advent season gifts to us every year.
If you get a chance I hope you will try to catch 'European Christmas' It's broad casted on PBS. It's absolutely wonderful! It was rich with tradition and breathtaking scenery.
Take care friends ♥
With warmest regards, Carol


Paula said...

I loved your Gingerbread house. A few years ago I bought two kits and divided what was then only 4 grandkids into 2 groups and we had a contest. Each group decorated their house and granny was the judge. One house won First place for Most original and the other house won First place for best design. The kids and I had a blast doing them. Now I am inspired to again buy a couple of gingerbread kits.....but now there are 9 grandkids. Thanks for the inspiration

Vee said...

Very cute gingerbread house! They are also easy to do from scratch and the whole house smells wonderful for days. I'm still hoping to have a day or two for the project. I'll keep it out all winter if I get to it.

Madeline's Album said...

Your gingerbread house is really cute. I did one one year it turned out ok but it was difficult to make. You mentioned Your daughter-in-law, Anne. I noticed she has not been blogging for quite some time I hope she is well. Have a blessed day. Madeline

SissySees said...

I still have 10 gingerbread house kits in the shed. I had wanted to have a party, but time wasn't on my side this year. Next year... for sure!!

Eileen said...

So cute! And a little dog too! Love it!
You did a great job!

Last year Ray found the kits with the houses already put together and it really made things a lot easier for us with the grankids. We did the same thing this year and it's become a tradition that Jayden and Mia really enjoy!

'Hope you enjoy a very Blessed Christmas Season, Carol!
Love and Prayers,

JG said...

It looks like you had FUN! A gingerbread dog - now that is really cool! Your house is cute. I've never made a gingerbread house. I bake lots of cookies at this time of year.

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