Friday, June 1, 2012

The new face of Blogger

The New Face of Blogger
Well things are finally getting back to normal at our house. The painting and gardening is done and most of our commitments are over for a while. I had so much I wanted to share with you that I thought it would be a good time to get back to blogging again. However, as I started to upload pictures I received a notification from google that I had exceeded my limit of free space due to my photos and Gmail account. I was quite surprised, because as most of you know I haven't been blogging much this year, and I rarely use my Gmail account.
In the past I was notified once before that I had reached my quota of photos and was able to purchase more space at a cost of five dollars per YEAR.
Now to continue blogging and maintain my Gmail services, the new Google plan requires a charge of 2.49 dollars per MONTH for basic services or 4.99 per MONTH for additional services that would enable me to post pictures and have a greater space available to add links and etc.
For me there are many things to consider. This additional fee seems like a minimal amount but where does it all end? I have read that cable companies will soon begin to charge more depending on how often you use the Internet and what services you use on a regular basis. These companies already charge exorbitant fees just to connect to the Internet. I have also read that google will begin charging soon for things like map quest and Google search. Face book may even begin charging consumers soon. It sounds like in the future the consumer may be nickle and dimed to death. Apple already charges for some of it's apps and I read that there was a problem in the past with them over charging for e-books.
At this point I'm not willing to pay extra for these services. I come from a generation where the Internet was not heard of and I can very easily slip back to the days of no cable TV or Internet services at all if I want or have to do it. With the younger generation I know this will be much more difficult to do.
I also wanted you to know I have had trouble posting on some of your blogs. I continue to read them faithfully. I will continue to share that link with all of you until Google no longer allows it. I know some of you have my e mail address. I would love to continue hearing from you.
I think in light of all of these currant circumstances I have truly come to the end of my blog and I wanted you to know what happened to me and why I haven't been posting. All of you have enriched my life beyond measure! In my prayers I think of all of you.
As I take pictures, set a holiday table, hug my dog, try a new recipe, or travel out and about I think of all of you.
Please know that all of you will forever be embedded in my heart and soul ♥
God bless each and every one of you ♥
With warmest regards,
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